Wellness Programming and Training

For Faculty and Staff

The information below outlines some of the ways in which we select and train the adults in our community entrusted with the care of our students. Careful hiring that includes rigorous background and reference-checking is met with thoughtful training throughout each adult’s employment to ensure that every adult on campus is fully prepared to support the wellbeing of our students.


With the wellbeing of the student always as the top priority, we conduct rigorous background checks, including both Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) checks, state and national fingerprint-based background checks, and rigorous reference-checking for every adult on our campus. CORI and SORI checks are conducted every three years on existing employees. Background checks are reconducted whenever there is a break in service. All private contractors, including tutors, Suburban Cleaning Service personnel, FLIK staff, construction crew, applied music instructors, athletic staff, campus residents and campus security staff undergo background checks before beginning employment.


Newly hired employees are required to attend a two-day orientation that clarifies expectations of behavior at Nobles. At this meeting, new employees meet and have conversations with the head of school, dean of faculty, dean of students, provost, heads of upper and middle schools, chief financial and operating officer, director of human resources, co-deans of diversity and ombuds-people. These conversations ensure that all adults join this community with a clear understanding of the school’s culture as well as its policies and procedures related to teaching and caring for students.

Faculty and staff are also required to participate in an annual safety and boundary training session that includes instruction on emergency procedures and appropriate, positive interactions with students. Adults in direct contact with students receive additional training throughout the year to reinforce the principles within the annual training session.

Nobles has a relationship with the National Signs of Suicide (SOS) program for students and Gatekeeper Training for school personnel. These national programs are based on current best practices and are designed to raise awareness about depression and suicide.

Monthly faculty meetings, including talks by the co-deans of diversity initiatives, the school’s nurses and counselors, the director of safety management, guest speakers such as Maria Trozzi, who specializes in grief counseling, and psychologist Howard Gardner, and more, help the adults in the community best support the wellbeing of the students.


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For Faculty and Staff
For Faculty and Staff Wellness Programming and Training
For Faculty and Staff Wellness Programming and Training