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The Nobles mission to inspire leadership for the public good is at the center of the way we broadly educate students. Our community principles of honesty, respect for self and respect for others guide all wellness programming and training at Nobles. Nobles’ programming creates a network of relationships for each student, ensuring access to resources that are as varied as each student’s needs.

Assembly performances, meetings with advisors and class deans, Personal Development curriculum, and student clubs and organizations, alongside staff specializing in mental and physical health, academic skills, inclusivity and relational pedagogy provide our students the tools and resources to lead lives full of positive relationships with both peers and adults. 



Four days a week, Nobles begins with a 20-minute assembly, a school tradition that maintains and strengthens the bonds of community. Twice a month, assembly includes guest speakers, such as former Boston Celtic and addiction recovery advocate Chris Herren, child psychologist and consultant on brain development, gender equity, and learning environments Dr. JoAnn Deak and co-founder and executive director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation Chris Nowinski. Assembly weaves together the humorous and the serious, the personal and the universal, to reinforce with audience members that no individual in this community is alone.

Relational Pedagogy

Personal Development

On Tuesdays, students alternate meeting with their advisors and with their class deans to discuss class-specific programming designed for each developmental stage. These meetings offer students opportunities to discuss challenges and triumphs with knowledgeable and empathetic adults. Students also regularly interact with teachers, coaches, ombuds, counselors, dorm staff and deans who each care for the student’s intellectual and emotional growth. The student life team (SLT), which includes nurses, counselors and other specialists, work to foster the school's tone and best support the mental and physical wellbeing of the students. Advisors serve as the primary liaison between each student’s school and home life, sharing praise and expressing concern about the progress of each student with his or her parents and guardians.

Personal Development

The curriculum also includes a Personal Development (PD) course mandatory for and modified according to each grade level, from from Class VI (grade seven) in the middle school through Class III (grade ten) in the upper school. PD emphasizes both personal reflection and interpretation of the external world, covering a range of topics that span from current events to sexual education, from mindfulness to substance abuse prevention. Nobles also offers weekly community mindfulness meetings open to all students and employees hoping to pursue the proven physical and mental benefits of mindfulness practice.  

Student Clubs and Organizations

Engineering Club

Student clubs and organizations offer varied opportunities for students of different backgrounds to unite over shared interests or experiences. Within these clubs and organizations, students engage supportive and inclusive groups of peers, guided by informed adults. The affinity groups among the clubs and organization offerings, including Brother 2 Brother, Sister 2 Sister and Asian to Asian, unite students based on shared racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, experiences and interests. Many groups, such as the School Life Council (SLC), Peer Help Program (PHP) and the Multicultural Student Association (MSA) monitor the school’s culture from the student perspective to ensure that every student in the school feels valued.

Counseling Services

Nobles offers confidential counseling services for students who are in need of support, or who are looking for strategies to help them reach their full academic, social and emotional potential. Nobles has three counselors available both to meet with students and to consult with parents, teachers and advisors. They are also available to help with referrals, should a student benefit from outside counseling. The counselors welcome visits; students may drop in or schedule an appointment by email. While Nobles' counseling team is committed to offering guidance in times of need, students are also encouraged to make connections when they arrive at Nobles so that they will know that they have another caring adult in their robust web of support. While information that students share with the counselors is private and confidential, disclosures may be warranted if the health, safety or well-being of a student is in question.

Nobles also has a relationship with the National Signs of Suicide (SOS) program for students and Gatekeeper Training for school personnel. These national programs are based on current best practices and are designed to raise awareness about depression and suicide. 

The school continuously prioritizes the emotional, mental, physical and intellectual growth of each student. Every manifestation of that care shares the emphasis on positive, supportive relationships, which are at the foundation of this school community.


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For Students
For Students Wellness Programming and Training
For Students Wellness Programming and Training