Policies and Procedures

Campus SafetyPolicies and procedures are communicated to the school community in The Guide and the Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Students and employees are both required to familiarize themselves with The Guide, which is revised and republished annually online.

Upon employment, adults in the community must acknowledge that they have read and will comply with the goals, policies, benefits and expectations of the school, as well as his or her responsibilities as an employee, contained within the Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook.

The policies listed below, taken from The Guide and the Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook, communicate the expectations of behavior for students and employees of this school.


Student Life

(community expectations and behavioral standards for students)

Code of Ethical Conduct for Nobles Employees in Relation to Students

(general principles, standards of behavior)

Whistleblower Policy

(relevant types of concerns, reporting procedures)

Sexual Harassment Policy

(definitions of sexual harassment, reporting options, other resources)

Unsatisfactory Background Check Results/Refusal to Cooperate

(details concerning what constitutes unsatisfactory results, possible outcomes)


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Policies and Procedures
Policies and Procedures Safety
Policies and Procedures Safety