“If it has wires (or now, air because of Wi-Fi), it belongs to Information Systems and Support.”

– Dan Weir, CIO

Information Systems and Support

The Information Systems and Support (ISS) team is a dynamic group that advances the use of technology throughout the school.

The Computer Science Department (CSD) is the Academic Department of ISS that advances the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Through the use of Academic Technology Specialists (ATSs), CSD provides teachers with a continual source of ideas, instructions and support, offering the most updated technological tools to complement traditional teaching methods. Interactive devices, laptops, Tablets (iPads) and online cloud based services have become an integral part of the Nobles classroom experience.

ISS supports the integration of computerized systems in the day-to-day activities of all areas of the school. The group offers advice, guidance and support that enables the successful implementation of applications in business and service areas alike.

ISS oversees the technical infrastructure. Phones, copiers, network, and server management are all part of the foundation on which the Nobles community can depend.

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Information Systems and Support
Computer Science Department known as Information Systems and Support (ISS)