Through the wide range of performing arts offerings at Nobles, students will explore creativity as an avenue for intellectual problem solving. Our theatre curriculum helps students develop skills, regardless of previous experience. Students may explore theatre through academic classes and/or through the Afternoon Program. Our faculty challenge and nurture students as they develop into confident, creative, and hard working, team-oriented individuals. Click here to see the curriculum


"In the end, [we ask ourselves], Did we challenge the students in a significant but mindful healthy manner given who they are and everything else being asked of them by the school and life? Did we push them to give a lot of their time in a way that recognized the other demands on their time? Did we model patience and empathy as we encountered interpersonal challenges with students and colleagues? Did we use the time we had well? Did we demonstrate the ability to stay positive and calm through a demanding period of time? Did we maintain some balance with our other professional obligations as well as our personal lives?"

—Director of Theatre Dan Halperin




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