Athletics Hall of Fame

F. Austin Harding, Jr. '35

Class of 2011

Football, Hockey, Baseball

Austin was a running and defensive back on the varsity football team. In baseball, he batted an average of .255 and fielded an average of .815 at shortstop in his Class I year. But it was on the ice where he became a Nobles legend. He captained the varsity team in 1935, demonstrating “stellar play and leadership” (Nobles Yearbook, 1935) and netting 17 goals and four assists.

At Harvard, Austin was elected captain of the freshmen hockey team and went on to lead the varsity squad in scoring each year with 30, 25 and 30 points respectively. He was the captain of the team during his senior year, when he also received the John Tudor Memorial Cup for the most valuable player and was named All-American. 

Austin was inducted into the Harvard Hall of Fame in 1971. The tribute to him in the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, into which he was inducted in 1975, reads: “One of the most memorable feats of Harding’s career was his last game when he played 58 of the game’s 60 minutes and scored four goals and three assists in a 7-4 victory [over Yale]…The Cambridge player attracted pro scouts, but World War II broke upon the scene precluding any venture in this direction.” Austin served as a Commander in the U.S. Navy from 1939-1945.

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2011 Hall of Fame Austin Harding '35