Athletics Hall of Fame

Brian Ford

Class of 2010

Girls Varsity Crew Coach

“Brian’s style was simple. Hard work paid off in fast boats, and that was it.” These comments from one of his former Nobles rowers sum up Brian Ford’s coaching style; he was fully dedicated to hard work and winning. This approach worked beautifully, as the Nobles crews that he coached were the class of New England. In the four-year span from 1991 to 1994, his teams only lost one dual race. In 1991, the first two boats won New England Championships; in 1992 and 1993, the four Nobles boats swept the New England’s; in 1994, the first, third and fourth boats won, with the second boat finishing second. The 1992 first boat won the New England’s by an astonishing margin of 10.6 seconds while that year’s second boat won its race by 14.4 seconds.

At the 1991 Nationals, the first two Nobles boats took home the bronze for the United States Rowing Association Junior Women’s four. That same year they took home a USRA Junior Women’s pair silver medal. Those same two boats traveled to the Empire State Games and each of them won gold medals. The next year they combined the top two boats in order to compete in the Nationals for the USRA Junior Women’s eight and won gold, defeating Andover, the NEIRA eights winner, by a tenth of a second.

While Brian gives credit for the program’s success to the rowers in the boats, coaching with an emphasis on character and leadership guided his athletes to success. “He was a strict disciplinarian with high expectations, and at the same time, someone that we all looked up to, someone who inspired us to be truly nothing but the best,” explained a Nobles rower.

Brian’s work ethic and determination were keys to establishing the Nobles girls crew program as one of prominence in New England Interscholastic Rowing and set a foundation for the continued success to this day. He left Nobles in the spring of 1994 and headed for the Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. He built the program from an upstart into a championship caliber team with his leadership and motivation abilities.

Brian currently teaches English at the Dana Hall School, where he has coached cross-country and volleyball and hopes to start a crew. Brian and his wife, Burch, retired Head of Miss Porter’s School, live in Concord.

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2010 Hall of Fame Brian Ford