Nick Marinaro

Class of 2013 
Football and Basketball Coach

“Nick was easily the most important figure of my Nobles career.”
Nick coached football from 1977 to 1996, with undefeated seasons in ’78 and ’79 and ’85. He amassed a remarkable winning record over the years, including some years in which his team was projected to be weak and ended up with a strong, winning record. Personal testimony about Nick as a coach is plentiful, particularly from the three undefeated teams. A year before his teaching career began at Nobles, Nick also took over a struggling basketball program in 1976 and served in that capacity until 1987. In 1982, his players credited him with creating “a new tradition,” one that led to the program’s first ever ISL title in 1984.
While he is most commonly known for his football and basketball teams, Nick was not relegated to one area of expertise. He coached varsity baseball in 1990 and in the early 2000’s, he took over the girls’ softball program, where he won another ISL title in 2002. Later in his career, he shifted from the varsity levels to the middle school athletic program, coaching middle school football, basketball and baseball.
Zach Foster ’02 writes, “Nick was easily the most important figure of my Nobles career,” while Nicholas Chu ’02 adds, “As a nervous 7th grader, no one did more to make me feel comfortable and welcomed than Mr. Marinaro.” The same coach who brought such immense intensity to athletic competition also brought a gentle compassion to the classroom over an impressive 36 year career. 

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Nick Marinaro