Athletics Hall of Fame

Wilbur Storer

Class of 2012 
Trainer, Coach, Friend


Prior to his time at Nobles, Wilbur Storer spent years swimming and hiking around Waltham where he grew up. He attended Boston University and, in the 1930s, was regularly featured by Boston newspapers, as he was a letterman in four sports: swimming, diving, wrestling and football, the last two as captain.

Wilbur worked at Nobles from 1946-1985, during which time he taught science, coached and served as a central figure in the athletic department. He introduced wrestling at Nobles as an interscholastic sport in 1947 and coached the team until 1967 (except during the ’62 and ’63 seasons). The 1954 team was undefeated, and the cumulative team record under his leadership was 94-67-9. He coached 13 Graves-Kelsey Champions and one National Champion, Nobles hall of famer Clift Georgaklis ’82. Clift writes: "Wilbur was always singular in my mind while at Nobles as friendly, tenacious, intelligent, humorous and wise. Wilbur, and his twin brother Warren, were always there for support and advice with their ‘old school’ toughness and class, attributes Wilbur exemplified without ever preaching. Wilbur once told me my wrestling had an ‘irritability’ that a wrestler must have, and I never understood what he meant until years later. I then realized he understood me better than I understood myself. He was not only wise, but he cared, as anyone who knew him can attest to. It should make us all proud that Nobles has embraced Wilbur’s outstanding legacy."

Winston “Hooley” Perry ’53 also remembers Wilbur fondly: “Wilbur was a wonderful and inspirational teacher and coach who always promoted the strength of character development first and winning second. Through his teachings in chemistry, biology and wrestling, he became an outstanding role model for all of us, and he made the grueling sport of wrestling an enjoyable adventure. Who could forget Wilbur's fun-loving personality that he gifted to all of us in the classroom, on the field and in the gym? Even now, thinking of Wilbur Storer brings a smile to my face.” 

As athletic director, Wilbur planned the scheduling of all games, meets and matches. This was a behind-the-scenes job, but over the years, he received several commendations from New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC).

He went on to become the school’s athletic trainer and physical therapist. In these roles, he endeared himself to legions of Nobles graduates. He also ran the team store, was the equipment manager and assisted with the football teams.

Wilbur’s son, Jay Storer ’65, adds:

"It wasn't easy to be the son of such an admired member of the Nobles faculty, but the qualities mentioned above were doubled for me, because he was an exemplary role model as a father and as a teacher. At any Nobles events I've attended since graduating, I always encounter graduates who are anxious to tell me stories of how they couldn't have graduated without Wilbur having given them extra lab time so they could pass chemistry or science.

I have my favorite stories just like everyone else, but I'll just mention one that is typical. When I was on the wrestling team, I had an unorthodox approach that would put my opponent seemingly ready to pin me, but I would actually make a last-minute reversal out of it. Dangerous, but it usually worked. My mother was often there in the stands in the gym, and when she was there with Dad, she watched him like a hawk. If it was my match that he was watching, he would start yelling things I couldn’t hear. He would get so nervous because of my style that he would apply the hold he wanted me to use on the unlucky person seated next to him, at times throwing a half-nelson on a perfectly-coiffed Grand Society matron! My mother would have to referee or break the thing up. He had more spirit about everything in life, from a football game to a blade of grass. If he were here today at Nobles, he'd have that self-effacing combination of embarrassment and pride for this induction to the Nobles Athletics Hall of Fame.”

The 1975 Nobles yearbook provides a fitting conclusion: “Wilbur Storer is one of the finest men this school has ever employed. His many accomplishments are only outnumbered by his friends. Sincerest thanks to a one-in-a-million man.”

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2012 Hall of Fame Wilbur Storer