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Morrison Athletic Center (MAC):  

Morrison Athletic Center

Since 2000, the Morrison Athletic Center (MAC) has provided ample space for any fitness or athletic activity. Located in the southwest corner of campus, adjacent to the Charles River, the MAC provides convenient access to most fields for the players, staff and spectators. 

Entrance to Morrison Athletic Center

The 1949 Lobby

Just inside the main entrance of the MAC, the 1949 Lobby provides a spot for teams and spectators to relax between practices or games. Decorated with trophy displays, newspaper clippings, and two plasma TVs, this central hub radiates to the fitness, training room, athletic store, locker rooms, and various playing surfaces.   


   The 1949 Lobby


Rappaport Gymnasium

The Rappaport Gymnasium, located on the second floor of the MAC, houses a suspended jogging track and two full-size basketball courts with a curtain divider. For games, bleachers pull out to highlight the Clifford Basketball Court or spectators may view from the surrounding jogging track. In the fall and spring, these courts are used for general recreation, wellness activities, and indoor training.  


Rappaport Gym

Richardson Gymnasium

Before Rappaport Gym, this gym served as the primary basketball and workout facility. Maintained through construction and renovations, Richardson serves as a regulation basketball court most often used by sub-varsity levels. Through the Fall and Spring, this gym is used for fitness and wellness activities and houses an indoor batting cage for batting and pitching practice. 


Richardson Gymnasium

Squash Courts

Six international-sized squash courts in the climate-controlled northern extension of the MAC provide a wonderful space for squash training and competing. For the best viewing experience, there is a viewing platform above the courts and one court allows viewing from two sides at floor level.


 Squash Facilties

Wilbur Storer Wrestling Room

The Wilbur Storer Wrestling Room is named after Nobles’ celebrated, first wrestling coach. The 2100 square foot space is dedicated to wrestling and includes pull-up bars, championship boards and a 5-camera recording system to enhance instruction.

Wrestling Room


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Athletic Fields:


Nobles athletes are very fortunate to have access to the 10+ college-level fields available to them. Nobles has four full-sized soccer fields (Greene, Almy, Wayne, Turf), two full-sized field hockey fields (Mason, Keller), a football game field (Burr), and a football practice field facility (Keller). In the spring, six of the fields (Greene, Almy, Wayne, Turf, Mason, Keller) double as top-notch lacrosse fields. Baseball and softball teams enjoy the two newly renovated fields (Class of '79, Johnson). In addition to these facilites, each sport has a JV/MS field for use. Nobles proudly maintains all of its outdoor fields using only organic material. 



 Burr Field: Football 

 Greene Field: Boys and Girls Soccer


'79 Baseball Field


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Saltonstall and Lincoln Boat House:


Located on the bank of Motley's Pond, these facilities house the boats for all levels of crew at Nobles (Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Middle School) with easy access to the Charles River for convenient training and the ability to host races. For both the boys and girls teams, the varsity team has four boats, and the JV has two. The middle school program is instructional and has acess to two boats.

The Lister Crew Training Center sits in very close proximity to the boathouses. It is a focal point for dry land training (ergs and circuit) for both in and out of season workouts.


Lincoln Boat House
Dock on the Charles


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Skiing Room:

The Nobles Ski Team has an excellent facility located in the Morrison Athletic Center.  The "ski room" has a large rack across one wall on which to store skis, individual cubbies for each athlete's clothing and boots, a boot dryer that accommodates 20 pairs of boots, a video monitor for watching DVD's as well as video shot at practices and races, 4 tuning stations, 2 waxing stations and 2 scraping/polishing stations.

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Bliss Omni Flood Rink:

The Bliss Omni Flood Rink is a fully enclosed facility with renovated lighting, a sound system, and a new HVAC. In the winter, the rink is used for the Nobles ice hockey teams. Bliss Omni has a fully equipped locker and shower facilities for varsity teams, 'home' and 'away' changing rooms, a pro shop with a skate sharpening machine, and a heated parent lobby. In the spring, the facility houses four indoor tennis courts, allowing the tennis teams to have a total of 10 courts. 


 Bliss Omni Rink


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