Nobles Athletics Health & Wellness Program

The Nobles Athletic Department feels fortunate to have built relationships with a number of people/organizations who support our goal of helping our student-athletes become healthier and more competitive while also building a life long commitment to fitness. In 2010/11 we began a program that added Yoga as an afternoon program option. We also started working with an outside sports nutritionist who consulted with all of our student-athletes and coaches.

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition makes a difference athletically and academically. Proper nutrition and hydration affect strength, endurance, energy levels, body composition, mood, attention span, ability to focus and make split second decisions on the field, risk of injury and illness and overall health and well being.

Julie Nicoletti, BS, R.Ph., Certified Sports Nutritionist, Kinetic Fuel

Julie Nicoletti is a nationally recognized sports nutritionist who specializes in coaching student and professional athletes to use nutrition to achieve their highest potential.

As both a pharmacist and sports nutritionist, Julie’s philosophy centers around using whole real foods in as close to their natural state as possible as often as possible to fuel performance in the classroom and on the field. Kinetic Fuel’s science based approach places an emphasis on timing and an easy to follow plan helps students understand what and when to choose in order to maximize energy, increase concentration and decrease risk of injury.

Julie’s winning formula works as well in the workplace as it does in the classroom and on the field to help employees attain health or athletic goals, maximize productivity and minimize health care costs. Always active asa marathoner, triathlete and fitness enthusiast, Julie lives what she teaches and loves what she does. She founded Kinetic Fuel in 2008.

Julie@KineticFuel.net  |  617-921-4237  |  @kineticfuel1

Healthy Vending

We also made a shift in 2010/2011 to an all natural/organic vending program. All items in the machine are chosen by our consulting nutritionist, Julie Nicoletti, as we seek to put healthy, natural (and tasty) options in front of our student-athletes.


Berkshire Natural Vending
Our vending company allows us to supply organic and all natural foods to our student athletes.


Honest Tea
Owned by Nobles Grad Seth Goldman '83, we are proud to be the owners of Honest Tea's first in the nation vending machines. 


Sports Psychology

Becoming a successful athlete requires more than physical prowess, strength and endurance. It demands strength of mind. With a performance coach athletes can integrate mind and body, overcome challenges, and excel under pressure.

Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D., Peak Performance Coach and Consultant, www.DrElizabethWard.com 

Elizabeth Ward, Ph.D.is a peak performance coach/consultant and licensed psychologist. In her work with sport teams, she collaborates with the coaches and directly addresses the team's needs. Common topics include team-building, leadership, and interpersonal dynamics. In her work with individual athletes, Dr. Ward assesses areas of strength and those that need building to develop a personalized program to gain a mental edge in competition. Typically, programs include goal-setting, managing stress, injury recovery, and performing under pressure. She can also provide support for anxiety, depression, adjustment or relational issues.

She played Varsity Ice Hockey at Harvard and Varsity Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse at Noble & Greenough School.  An avid sports fan, Dr. Ward--who also competed in soccer, skiing, cycling, volleyball, softball, golf and tennis--enjoys working with all athletes. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends, practicing yoga, hiking, skiing, traveling, playing guitar, and most of all, having fun with her family.

eward@DrElizabethWard.com | 781-461-1121 | www.DrElizabethWard.com

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