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varsity field hockey

The Program

The Nobles Field Hockey Program is rich in tradition. By fielding three teams (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle school), we provide opportunities for a wide range of athletes to participate. Through our experienced and highly skilled coaching staff, we challenge athletes to push themselves and improve as players at all levels. Our turf field is dedicated exclusively to the field hockey teams in the fall season. Practicing and playing on the same field allows for a great deal of interaction between the three teams, and leads to greater feeling of being part of an overall program. 

The Varsity Team

The Varsity Field Hockey team has had great success in recent years. The Independent School League is comprised of many of the top independent schools in the Boston area and offers a very competitive level of field hockey. The Nobles Varsity Team has established itself as one of the top teams in the ISL and has also become a regular participant in the NEPSAC (New England Prep School Athletic Conference) class A tournament.  We also have many graduates who have gone on to play field hockey at the college level.

Coaching Information

The field hockey program at Nobles is fortunate to have excellent coaches working with all levels. Athletes from all teams are coached by women who have college playing experience as well as varsity coaching experience. We understand that it is as important to put skilled coaches with younger, beginning players as it is to put them with experienced, varsity players.  

The program is led by Maura Sullivan who has been the head Varsity field hockey coach at Nobles since the 1989 field hockey season. Her love of field hockey began when she was growing up in Walpole. A graduate of Walpole High School, she went on to Boston College, where she was a member of the field hockey team from 1985-1989. In addition to her coaching responsibilities, Maura is also the Dean of Faculty as well as a member of the math department. 


Contact Head Coach Sullivan at Maura_Sullivan@nobles.edu or 781-320-7134. 

Click here to see Varsity Field Hockey Graduates at the next level! 


Interview with Coach Sullivan 

Upcoming Schedule

Sat 9/8 Exeter Jamboree TURF 11:00AM   1:35PM   5:00PM   7:30PM  
Fri 9/14 Pingree TURF 3:00PM   5:00PM   6:30PM   7:30PM  
Sat 9/22 St. Paul's St. Paul's 3:00PM   4:30PM  
Wed 9/26 BB&N BB&N 3:30PM   5:00PM  
Fri 9/28 St. George's St. George's 2:00PM   3:30PM  
Wed 10/3 Tabor Tabor 2:45PM   4:15PM  
Sat 10/6 Exeter Phillips Exeter 3:30PM   5:00PM  
Wed 10/10 St. Mark's TURF 2:00PM   3:30PM   5:00PM   6:00PM  
Sat 10/13 Thayer Academy Thayer 2:00PM   3:30PM  
Wed 10/17 Groton TURF 2:00PM   3:30PM   4:45PM   7:15PM  
Sat 10/20 Middlesex Middlesex 2:00PM   3:30PM  
Fri 10/26 Lawrence Academy TURF 3:00PM   6:30PM   8:00PM   9:00PM  
Mon 10/29 Governor's Academy Governor's 3:45PM   5:15PM  
Wed 10/31 Andover TURF 1:30PM   3:30PM   5:00PM   6:15PM  
Fri 11/2 Brooks Brooks 2:00PM   3:30PM  
Wed 11/7 Rivers TURF 1:35PM   3:00PM   4:30PM   5:15PM  
Sat 11/10 Milton Academy TURF 10:00AM   11:30AM   1:15PM   1:45PM  


Nov 11, 2017 Milton Academy Milton W 2 - 1
Nov 8, 2017 Rivers Rivers T 1 - 1
Nov 3, 2017 Brooks TURF W 2 - 1
Oct 30, 2017 Governor's Academy TURF L 1 - 3
Oct 21, 2017 Middlesex TURF W 4 - 0
Oct 18, 2017 Groton Groton W 3 - 2
Oct 14, 2017 Thayer Academy TURF W 5 - 0
Oct 11, 2017 St. Mark's St. Mark's W 4 - 1
Oct 7, 2017 Exeter TURF W 2 - 1
Oct 4, 2017 Tabor TURF W 2 - 1
Sep 29, 2017 St. George's TURF W 7 - 0
Sep 27, 2017 BB&N TURF W 2 - 1


Maura Sullivan - Head coach
Brooke Asnis
Kara Tierney


Cabot, Mimi 12
Edie, Schuyler 11 11
Epker, Charlotte 10 17
Falkson, Sara 12 27
Farden, Lily 11 18
Franks, Lily 12
Gill, Becca 10 8
Henderson, Cici 11 12
Higgins, Caroline 10 14
Hyland, Courtney 11 21
Keenan-Gallagher, Maya 12 20
London, Emma 12 4
MacDonald, Jenna 9 24
Michals, Madison 9 15
O'Connor, Brynn 11 22
O'Connor, Rose 11 6
Palumbo, Julia 11 23
Patterson, Caroline 12 13
Pickreign, Kelly 12 35
Piersiak, Cassidy 10 16
Rachlin, Tati 10 7
Turner, Bailey 12 5
Volo, Abby 12 0

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