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The Program

The Nobles Football program has a strong tradition of fielding competitive, tough teams.  Whether entering with experience in the game or not, there is a great opportunity to enjoy and be challenged at the varsity or JV level.  Through positive participation in practices and games, the coaches are dedicated to developing each player’s physical and mental skills.  As important, the benefits and lessons attained by being a part of such a fantastic team sport are enjoyed and reinforced both on and off the field.


Members of the Noble and Greenough School Football Program take tremendous pride in being great teammates as challenges are approached with an unselfish, winning attitude -- trusting and respecting the effort of each person involved with the program. Hard work, enthusiasm, discipline, courage, and sportsmanship are the cornerstones for excellence at each level. They lead to success, enjoyment, achievement, and positive lessons on and off the field.



Head Coach:

This will be Coach Murray's 7th year on the coaching staff and the first year as the Head Coach. Coach Murray is also the Special Teams Coordinator and works primarily with WR's & DB's. He has also served as the assistant offensive coordinator and assistant defensive coordinator. Coach Murray's primary responsibility at Nobles is that of the Assistant Athletic Director as well as being the Head Baseball Coach for the past 6 years. Coach Murray was an accomplished football and baseball player at Weston High School where he played for legendary football coach John DiBiaso (Everett HS) and won the state championship in 1991. He stayed with baseball at Ithaca College where his skills were good enough to play two years of professional baseball following his college career. 
Contact Coach Murray at 781-320-7064 or rob_murray@nobles.edu

Assistant Coaches:

George Maley: George grew up as one of seven kids in a football family in Philadelphia.  He played football at William Penn Charter School then went on to play four years at Juniata College (PA).  After college, George coached one year at Juniata then moved on to coach 8 seasons at Peddie School, a seven day boarding school in NJ where they won the 2001 MAPL and NJ Prep Championships.  George came to Nobles in 2003 and started coaching in 2004 as the offensive coordinator for then Head Coach Bob Moore when Nobles won back to back NE Championships in 2006 and 2007. George serves as the schools' Chief Advancement Officer and on the schools' administrative team.

Don Allard: This fall Coach Allard returns to the varsity squad after leading the MS program for the past 12 years. Coach Allard arrived at Nobles in 1997 and has had a significant role within the football program each year. After heading the varsity squad and being on the upper school faculty for seven years, Coach Allard made a shift in his career to the middle school as both a teacher (History & Social Science) and football coach. 

Pete Kendall: Coach Kendall is in his third year as a full time assistant coach on Nobles football's coaching staff. Coach Kendall is a 1996 graduate of Boston College where he played offensive line for the Eagles. Following BC, he was a 1st Round draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks. Coach Kendall played 13 years in the NFL (Seahwawks, Cardinals, Jets and Redskins), he retired in 2008. 

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Upcoming Schedule

Sat 9/9 Choate Nobles-Keller Field 2:00PM   4:00PM  
Sat 9/23 Rivers Nobles-Burr Field 7:00PM   9:00PM  
Fri 9/29 Lawrence Academy Lawrence 10:45AM   1:30PM   4:00PM   5:00PM  
Sat 10/7 Groton Nobles-Burr Field 3:15PM   5:45PM  
Sat 10/14 Roxbury Latin Roxbury Latin 11:00AM   1:00PM   3:30PM   4:15PM  
Sat 10/21 Belmont Hill Belmont Hill 11:15AM   2:00PM   4:30PM   5:30PM  
Sat 10/28 Middlesex Middlesex 12:45PM   3:00PM   5:30PM   6:30PM  
Fri 11/3 St. Mark's Nobles-Burr Field 2:00PM   4:30PM  
Sat 11/11 Milton Academy Milton 10:15AM   1:00PM   3:30PM   4:15PM  


Oct 14, 2017 Roxbury Latin Roxbury Latin W 34 - 30
Oct 7, 2017 Groton Nobles-Burr Field W 42 - 16
Sep 29, 2017 Lawrence Academy Lawrence L 35 - 0
Sep 23, 2017 Rivers Nobles-Burr Field W 34 - 0


Rob Murray - Head coach
Don Allard
Steve Jordan
Pete Kendall Sr.
George Maley
Cam Marchant
Daniel Valente


Athanasia, Sam 10 07 6Õ2Ó 160 WR/DB
Barton, Jack 9 28 6Õ0Ó 160 WR/DB
Bonomo, Jamie 11 06 6Õ1Ó 170 RB/DB
Cineas, Darnel 9 52 5Õ9Ó 180 OL/DL
De Los Santos, John 10 54 5Õ11Ó 200 OL/DL
Doyle, Jack 11 30 5Õ10Ó 165 RB/LB
Dretler, Ryan 9 25 5Õ8Ó 160 RB/LB
Ferrara, Duke 9 08 5Õ11Ó 155 QB/DB
Flynn, Ryan 12 20 5Õ10Ó 160 WR/DB
Folse, Sam 11 58 6Õ3Ó 300 OL/DL
Giandomenico, Rocco 12 03 5Õ11Ó 180 RB/DB
Grady, John 11 17 6Õ0Ó 225 QB/DB
Graham, Leighton 11 70 6Õ0Ó 270 OL/DL
Guzman, Misael 11 92 5Õ5Ó 180 OL/DL
Jean, Cyan 11
Kasparyan, Andrew 9 71 6Õ0Ó 160 OL/DL
Kasparyan, James 9 53 5Õ9Ó 150 OL/LB
Kendall, Drew 9 63 6Õ3Ó 205 OL/DL
Large, Cam 10 1/78 6Õ5Ó 230 TE/T/DE
Loring, Nick 12 10 6Õ3Ó 200 WR
Martinez, McQuillen 11 42 6Õ1Ó 175 TE/LB
McNary, Dylan 12 11 6Õ0Ó 180 WR/DB
Medeiros, Jason 12 41 6Õ1Ó 225 RB/LB
Minor, Devon 11 23 5Õ10Ó 175 WR/DB
Mitchell, Henry 10 83 6Õ7Ó 230 TE/DE
Monaghan, Danny 12 55 6Õ4Ó 250 OL/DL
Montgomery, Sam 12 66 6Õ4Ó 220 OL/DL
Ndukwe, Uche 12 51 6Õ4Ó 245 T/DE
O'Brien, Tomas 12 21 5Õ7Ó 170 WR/DB
Porter, Ethan 11 04 5Õ8Ó 130 WR/DB
Qasrawi, Bassam 11 22 5Õ8Ó 155 RB/K/LB
Rudikoff, Max 9 81 6Õ1Ó 160 WR/DB
Schwartz, Jack 11 14 5Õ8Ó 180 K
Seeman, Tate 9 60 6Õ0Ó 160 OL/DL
Skelly, Ethan 10 40 6Õ0Ó 175 OL/LB
Slosberg, Teddy 10 72 6Õ2Ó 210 OL/DL
Sullivan, Mike 12 73 6Õ7Ó 315 OL/DL
Tarpey, Julian 9 24 6Õ0Ó 185 WR/DB
Taylor, Nick 10 12 6Õ1Ó 180 QB/DB
Umeh, Chidubem 12 88 6Õ3Ó 196 TE/DE
Welch, Michael 12 65 6Õ1Ó 190 OL/DL
Welch, William 11 05 6Õ0Ó 180 RB/LB

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