Varsity Boys Cross Country


The Program

The Nobles Boys XC program inspires runners to achieve athletic excellence, experience quality competition in the Independent School League (ISL), and perfect the skills of sportsmanship. Workouts include distance runs, fartlek speedplay, track sessions, hill workouts, and trail runs both on- and off-campus. Drive, determination, and commitment to the running community are the hallmarks of the Nobles XC experience. Newer runners benefit from the guidance of coaches and captains, and quickly learn to push themselves along with their more experienced teammates.  The coaches aim to instill athletic prowess, a solid sense of self and sportsmanship, and a desire to run for life.

Coaching Information

Head Coach Dave Ulrich teaches Spanish and Latin at Nobles.  He is also the Class IV Dean.  He began his running career at 8 and ran Track and XC in high school, participating in city, state, and national competitions. He then was an oarsman for Varsity Lightweight Crew at Harvard University. He has coached the program along with Bob Kern for the past decade, and has enjoyed bringing the squad from 5 to 25 members over his tenure. He particularly enjoys the Reach the Beach Relays in New Hampshire, spontaneous marathons and half-marathons while travelling, and running the Boston marathon annually for the Nobles Marathon Scholarship Fund. 

Assistant Coaches

Coach Joe Catalano has been with the Nobles program for six years.  He has been involved with coaching for 33 years, from high-school level all the way to the National Level. He coached athletes for Nike in the past, trained the last American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 1986, and coached a member of the Olympic team in the marathon. He continues a daily regimen of lifting weights and running.

In September of 1978, Bob Kern began his first year at Nobles and his first year coaching cross country, so this fall marks his 35th season coaching this sport. During this time, he has primarily coached the varsity and jv boys’ teams, but in the earlier days of our program, he assisted with the girls’ teams and even the middle school teams when there was sufficient interest. For the past two seasons he has helped rekindle the middle school program and worked to develop a more viable program that will help provide experienced runners for our upper school teams. His role in recent years has changed a bit from being the coach of a specific team to being a steward of our program as a whole. During his time as a coach, one thing has not changed, and that is his love of the sport of cross country. Though his own running mileage has gradually diminished, he has competed in races from 5 km to the marathon. Running on a beautiful, wooded trail through the colors of autumn is something that he treasures and makes it difficult to think of autumn without thinking of cross country. Outside of Nobles, he has served as secretary of NEPSTA, the New England track & field and cross country association, since 2008.

Contact Head Coach Ulrich at David_Ulrich@nobles.edu or 781-320-7196. 


Upcoming Schedule

Sat 9/8 Michele Dufault Memorial 5k Race Kern's Course 2:30PM   4:00PM  
Sat 9/15 Groton, St. Paul's Kern's Course 3:30PM   4:15PM  
Sat 9/22 St. George's, Brooks, Lawrence Kern's Course 3:30PM   4:15PM  
Fri 9/28 Thayer, Roxbury Latin, St. Sebastian's St. Sebastian's 4:15PM   5:00PM  
Sat 10/6 Tabor, St. Mark's, Milton Tabor 4:00PM   4:45PM  
Fri 10/12 Rivers Rivers 4:30PM   5:15PM  
Sat 10/20 Middlesex Middlesex 2:00PM   2:45PM  
Sat 10/27 BB&N, Governor's, Belmont Hill Belmont Hill 3:45PM   4:30PM  
Fri 11/2 ISL Championship TBD
Sat 11/10 New England Team Championship TBD


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David Ulrich - Head coach
Josh Accomando
George Blake
Joe Catalano
Bob Kern


Apostolicas, Nicholas 9
Apostolicas, Paul 12
Asnis, Owen 11
Birne, Nathaniel 11
Callaghan, Griffin 9
Camacho, Cam 12
Chen, Kevin 10
Crawford, Finn 10
Denning, Patrick 10
DeVoy, Matt 11
Ducrest, Gustave 12
Gatnik, Charlie 11
Guerra, Charlie 10
Hazard, Nick 10
Jankey, Sam 10
Khanna, Rishi 10
Kramer, Riley 11
MacKenzie, Lachlan 12
Millay, Christopher 10
Nawara, Liam 10
Pang, David 10
Patterson, Henry 9
Patterson, Jamie 12
Qin, Justin 9
Qu, Adam 11
Qu, Austin 9
Roy, Augustin 9
Sandler, Lev 11
Singh, Vikrum 10
Spyrou, Philip 9
Swords, Ryan 9
Tahnk, Jasper 10
Theriault, Harrison 10
Welch, Xavier 9
Whalen, Will 11
Wu, Shawn 10
Xiao, Mark 12
Yeh, David 12

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