This year we are proud to welcome Kristie Averill to the Sports Medicine Staff.   Kristie is a 200hr certified yoga instructor for both kids and adults and a licensed pediatric physical therapist with 20 years experience. She began her own yoga journey many years ago in an attempt to find peace and calm within the "storm" of daily life.  Kristie has always been an avid exerciser, but she found that yoga not only strengthened her physically, but mentally. Those strengths were carried off the yoga mat and into her daily life. 

Watching and helping her two daughters grow up in today's world, she became aware of the tremendous amount of pressure and stress that children experience daily.  She began to realize that the rewards gained from practicing yoga would benefit children and teens as well. Kristie has a strong sense of child development from working with the pediatric population for 20 years. 

Her Calm Kids classes are filled with fun and she emphasizes that yoga is "a practice, not a perfect." She welcomes children with all abilities, including those with special needs.

Because of her background as a physical therapist, her adult classes have a strong focus on alignment and many modifications are offered for those practicing with injuries.  She encourages students to find their edge so that they are challenged while remaining calm to reap the full benefits of a sound yoga practice. 

Kristie Averill, PT, Certified Kids Yoga Instructor
kristieaverill@comcast.net | Calm Kids Yoga | 781-366-1070

Kristie will be teaching the following classes at Nobles starting in the Fall of 2013.

Power Yoga Class
Arts CenterIn this class students will learn to move through various asanas, or postures, linked by the breath, thereby increasing their overall strength, endurance and flexibility. Various modifications and use of props such as straps or blocks will be offered to meet the needs of a wide range of students' abilities.  Students will also be instructed in basic forms of pranayama, or breath work, designed to help them learn to become calm and focused.  Each class will end with a short session of guided relaxation and meditation/visualization learns appropriate stress management techniques.

Power Yoga Class for Nobles Athletes
This class is designed to improve muscle imbalances that often occur in athletes participating in competitive sports due to performing repetitive "sport specific" actions in training. Students will move through postures that will improve flexibility in overused muscles and strengthen muscles that are underused. This will help the athlete reduce their risk of injury while participating in their sport.  Basic forms of breath work (pranayama) and guided visualization/relaxation will be taught which will help the athlete to learn to remain calm and focused while in challenging situations. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls will be used as a form of self myofascial release to further improve muscle flexibility. 

Foam Rolling Class
This class will focus on muscle regeneration, a concept which is often overlooked in most training programs.  Due to the repetitive nature of sport specific training, overworked muscles are often tight, which reduces their ability to function optimally.  Using various tools, such as foam rollers and lacrosse balls, athletes will learn self-myofascial release techniques to improve muscle mobility thereby improving strength production and reducing risk of injury.

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