Teaching at Nobles

Our Purpose

We take our Mission of being "a rigorous academic community dedicated to inspiring leadership for the public good" seriously - but we also just enjoy working with talented and motivated students and colleagues.

The Students

Nobles is fortunate in being highly selective in its admissions process. A 'typical' year will see almost 900 students apply for just over 100 places. As a result, Nobles has a remarkable student body - academically motivated, diverse in background, and talented in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

School Community

Nobles begins four out of five school days with an assembly for all 570 students and more than 100 faculty and staff. The combination of our size, the daily shared experiences and ability to connect with one another creates a remarkably close school community. Both students and faculty foster the spirit of community and support which leads to close relationships among members of the entire school.

Community Principles

Nobles students and adults abide by three community principles - respect for others, respect for self and honesty. These core values are the bedrock of relationships and inform daily interactions among members of the community.

School Culture

Nobles is a positive, open place in which to teach, live, work and learn. Students often find it to be the first school experience in which it is acceptable to be smart. The longstanding tradition of Community Service is central to every Noble student's experience. A spirit of internationalism pervades the school with international programs, (often involving community service) scattered around the globe - from Japan to France, Romania to Vietnam, South Africa to Spain.

A Diverse School Community

Nobles has worked hard to become a more inclusive and diverse community. External measures such as students (24%) and faculty (11%) of color and students receiving financial aid (25%) show progress, yet Nobles recognizes that diversifying schools is a long term process. The school actively seeks educators who can contribute to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.

A Day School with a Boarding School Heart

Up to 50 five-day boarders give Nobles particular strengths. Students and teachers regularly use the available school facilities into the evenings. Over a third of the faculty lives on campus. Since the boarding community closes down on Saturday night, the school is not responsible for providing social activities for students on weekends.


Over the past 10 years, Nobles has refurbished or added to its entire teaching space and has recently completed a new $18 million arts center.


The school's wooded campus, located a mile from the Boston city line and less than ten miles from downtown, is bordered by the Charles River.


Nobles commitment to technology centers on classroom teaching. From use of personal digital assistants in the field, to faculty equipped with laptops, Nobles teachers have the resources necessary to utilize technology in their teaching.

Professional Development Opportunities

Each summer Nobles faculty take advantage of extensive faculty development funds to pursue graduate work, seminars, travel and other ways to grow personally and professionally. During the academic year Nobles teachers have the opportunity to take courses with professors from many of the colleges and universities in the area such as the Harvard Teachers As Scholars program. The Faculty Growth and Development program provides teachers a chance to converse in depth with colleagues about teaching issues. Some teachers carry a reduced teaching load along with some administrative responsibility (often as an admissions officer or class dean) to contribute to multiple areas of school life.


Nobles attracts an enormously talented and diverse faculty. Most teachers have had significant experience prior to their arrival at Nobles and work closely with their colleagues throughout the school in developing programs, helping students and supporting each other both in and out of the classroom.


Nobles has a competitive salary structure in the top 20% of independent schools nationwide, a generous retirement plan through TIAA-CREF, a sabbatical program, school tuition remission for children of full time faculty, housing on campus for some faculty, long term disability and long term care insurance, full individual health and dental coverage (with the opportunity to include family members), and financial planning services available to all staff.

Broad involvement in the life of the school

All Nobles teachers are involved with students outside of the classroom as advisors, coaches, directors and mentors. These roles give teachers the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with students outside of the classroom and to understand further the complexity and challenges of their students' lives.

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Teaching at Nobles