Graduates Council Membership

All graduates of Noble and Greenough School are members of the Nobles Graduates Association. The Graduates Council is the governing body of the Graduates Association. Membership in the Council is open to any graduate based on a commitment to attend the Council’s five meetings plus the Graduates Assembly at Reunion. There are no term limits associated with the Council.


Nobles Graduates Council 2017-2018:

Michele Abrecht '84 (President)
Hilary Allinson '83
Jeff Alpaugh '85
Dana Angelo '85
Brooke Asnis '90
Paul Ayoub '74
Christy Bergstrom '90
Ned Bigelow '64
Bill Bliss '48
Whit Bond '59
Holly Bonomo '86
Lauren Brodsky '94
Kate Treitman Brown '99
Dave Costello '99
Yasmin Cruz '02
Betsy Dawson '85
Mark DeAngelis '82
Jeremy Delinsky '93
Sherrie Delinsky '94 
Justin Dziama '99
Jill Edgar '95
Katie Lee Fishbone '97
John Gifford '86
Karen Gray '86
Jeff Grogan '74
Yasmin Hamed '00
Kathy Hamill '87
Laura Hewitt-Riley '78
Peter Howe '82
Andy Hyland '89
Joe Kendall '96
Bob Kretschmar '63
Senam Kumahia '02 (Vice-President)
Ned Lawson '64
Meg Lippincott '97
Charlie Long '58
Linda Lynch '81
Melissa Lyons '97
Sam MacAusland '82
Heather Markey '86
Joy Marzolf '86
Kevin McCarthy '74
Marzuq Muhammad '01
Percy Nelson '40
Pam Notman '80
Marni Payne '94
Mary Petrini '82
Michael Polebaum '08
Beth Reilly '87
Chris Reynolds '78
Fiona Roman '79
Peter Ross '87
Phil Rueppel '79
Steve Spengler '88
André Stark '76
Monica Stevenson '90
Debbie Strzetelski '78
Melissa Tansey '98
Ben Tobey '99
Christine Todd '84
Mike Vance '77
Elizabeth Ward '81
Matt Wayne '01
Tom Welch '82
John Wright '71

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Nobles Graduates Council Membership