“Graduation is only the beginning. The Nobles graduate community is 4,700 strong, and we can all benefit from our shared Nobles experience.  Come back to campus, join us for events, consider volunteering for Nobles, or just reconnect with classmates. We always welcome your involvement!”

– Sherrie Delinsky '94, President of the Graduates Association

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More than 4,500 Noble and Greenough graduates live and work everywhere from Dedham, Mass., to London to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to Africa to Hong Kong and plenty of places in between. Whether they are teachers, scientists, singers, lawyers or corporate CEOs, Nobles graduates are living the mission of leading for the public good.

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Directory information is prepared SOLELY for the use of Nobles alumni to contact one another. Information in the directory may not be used for commercial, charitable, political, or any purpose other than the convenience of the Nobles community. Sharing the directory information with any person or enterprise other than the members of the Nobles community is strictly prohibited.

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Space Man

MassiminoAuthor, TV personality, Columbia professor and former astronaut Mike Massimino spoke in long assembly this morning about his path towards becoming an astronaut. Pictured behind him is one of his two launches from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. His missions revolved around servicing the Hubble Space Telescope.

Many thanks to astronaut and @Columbia professor @Astro_Mike for his presentation in assembly this morning. https://t.co/5Sn0hORfI5

Noble Grads
A reminder that this Saturday, September 9 at 2:30 pm we'll be holding the 7th annual Michele Dufault '07 5K. Feel free to run, jog, or walk the cross country trail. Entry for the event is $15 and registration is down at the MAC starting around 1:00. This year all proceeds will go to a scholarship fund which Nobles has set up with Solaid International, a non-profit we work with in Kampot, Cambodia. The fund supports mostly very poor rural girls so that they can attend school.

List of 12 Great Articles about Assessment https://t.co/xOnwueHglq via @TeachThought

Many thanks to astronaut and @Columbia professor @mikemassi for his presentation in assembly this morning. https://t.co/8REiRjRTOP

Familiar Sight

Familiar SightArtist in Residence Tommy Matthews is installing his show “Familiar Sight” in Foster Gallery this week. Be sure to come to the opening reception next Thursday, September 28 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Window Details

WindowThis window is located somewhere in the Shattuck Schoolhouse. Can you find it?

How the Power of Story Can Enhance a Lesson Plan https://t.co/zHAM9xpWFy via @hgse


Community Service icon Ms. Hurley, here with partner Vivian Tao N'21, saves the evening w/ 35 cases of cold drinks. https://t.co/s9WSPzVv6E

Buddy Holly

Buddy HollyClass II students Harrison Cohen-Harding, Liam Smith, Joe Harrington, Henry Dolgoff and Owen Asnis dressed up like Buddy Holly to perform the eponymous Weezer song in assembly this morning.

Mechanical Bull Gets Dominated! https://t.co/g6jxStZjeC

Old School Games Still Work: Super Chexx Hockey Star Chayil Mauristhene N'23 Ices the Competition https://t.co/eBwc53KWVz

Usual FallFest Warm-Up...Just Catching Traction. https://t.co/ngyfA7PhRi

@syramehdi & Foster Graham N'17 took their pledge of service with City Year today at the JFK museum! https://t.co/6mUye4tAZu

What is the Best Way to Take Digital Notes? https://t.co/qVjtnYd8BY via @MindShiftKQED

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