“Graduation is only the beginning. The Nobles graduate community is 4,700 strong, and we can all benefit from our shared Nobles experience.  Come back to campus, join us for events, consider volunteering for Nobles, or just reconnect with classmates. We always welcome your involvement!”

– Sherrie Delinsky '94, President of the Graduates Association

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More than 4,500 Noble and Greenough graduates live and work everywhere from Dedham, Mass., to London to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to Africa to Hong Kong and plenty of places in between. Whether they are teachers, scientists, singers, lawyers or corporate CEOs, Nobles graduates are living the mission of leading for the public good.

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Directory information is prepared SOLELY for the use of Nobles alumni to contact one another. Information in the directory may not be used for commercial, charitable, political, or any purpose other than the convenience of the Nobles community. Sharing the directory information with any person or enterprise other than the members of the Nobles community is strictly prohibited.

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Noble Grads
Any graduates from 1954 or a bit before or after close to Maine? At 80+ with a BA from Yale in literature, a PFC from USMC's Parris Island, an EdM (6 courses in English literature, 4 in Ed) from Harvard, an MA & PhD in the Arthurian Legend from Brandeis, and the first USA citizen to earn the FILA (International Wrestling’s governing body) Master Coach designation, and the only American to earn this 75 miles east of Moscow in what was then the Soviet Union (USSR), I teach in Senior College for those over 55 only the texts that move me emotionally (many from my classes at Nobles), tutor high school youngsters for free, and I keep learning as well as wrestling with my high school pupils who learn without being injured why the late Dave Schultz dubbed me “Doctor Pain”! Putnam, Bird, Storer, and others CHANGED MY LIFE! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, NOBLES! When you stop learning, you start to die. Ted Reese, 1954

The Proposalman is Here

ProposalIn what will certainly go down as one of the most memorable Nobleman announcements, math teacher Chris Pratt orchestrated a fake proposal to dance teacher Anna Loveys on stage in assembly this morning.

5 Ways Teachers are Fighting Fake News via @NPR https://t.co/00ZCJa9LoK

Noble Grads
A behind the scenes look at our ANF Rally Day video. Can you identify this costumed faculty actor? (Hint: He's calling his father-in-law, the fifth Head of School) #1866GradGifts

Nothing quite like the C.A.C.'s annual rose sale. https://t.co/eEJtWPQQsl


ShrekLooks like all of these frightened villagers are running to see the premiere of “Shrek the Musical” tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Vinik Theatre. The production features a cast of over 40, a crew of 25 and a 16 piece band featuring nine student musicians. Performances are scheduled for February 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24 at 6:30 p.m. and February 18 at 2 p.m. You can buy tickets beforehand at this link, and tickets will also be available at the door.

.@noblesbuzz with the world famous @RegurgitatorSS before long assembly today. #35mm https://t.co/KveMZSWnFp Retweeted by Provost Bussey @noblesbuzz

The Regurgitator

The RegurgitatorStevie Starr “The Regurgitator” prepares to swallow two goldfish and bring them back up. He performed in long assembly this morning, and in addition to the goldfish, he swallowed a light bulb, lighter fuel, smoke, a balloon, a nail, a padlock, a key, a Rubik’s Cube, coins, rings, a cup of sugar and a billiard ball, and proceeded to return them all completely dry.

Great List of Digital Citizenship Resources from @edutopia https://t.co/4DfCwBFhsa

As advertised....#steviestarr https://t.co/n9BX8sQNS5

Dating Game

Dating GameSLC played a mock dating game in assembly this morning where four contestants had to answer questions about their ideal dates to win a date with a blindfolded bachelorette. They dictated their responses to spokespeople in order to remain anonymous.

All the way from Ireland, The Regurgitator has just arrived at Logan for tomorrow's assembly. Don't be late. #legend https://t.co/cyAHIKpd8P

Thinking about tomorrow's assembly...still a little premature to say it's going to happen. Flight delays, recent weather. Last time was 2010

Squeezing the last few minutes out of a snowday. This is what it's all about. https://t.co/v3bmvjcHpk

See You All Tuesday! https://t.co/Tilr3yR63Z


Cash Me OussideDespite cold temps and more snow in the forecast, it was a beautifully sunny Friday with a fresh foot of snow on campus.

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