David McCullough Shares Stories

David McCullough Shares Stories

“Do what you really want to do,” author David McCullough told students on October 19 at long assembly. “A good life is a life with a mission.” Nobles welcomed McCullough, who wrote this year’s community book, The Wright Brothers, and is the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Multicultural Fair

Multicultural Fair

This year's Multicultural Fair featured culture and cuisine from nations around the globe, including Bulgaria, Israel, Ethiopia, India, Peru and China, among many others. 

The celebration included an assortment of music, dance, food and fashion alongside an emphasis on geography, language and history.


New Views

New Views

This fall, Nobles breaks ground on two building projects on campus—a major renovation of the Baker Science Building and the construction of an Academic Inquiry Center to include a new Putnam Library. 

Head of School Bob Henderson explains that the project will reflect the changing function of libraries and science centers. It will also create a more unified, functional and beautiful campus.

Achieve Program Recognized

Achieve Program Recognized

The National Partnership for Educational Access (NPEA) recently recognized the work of Achieve, a Nobles-based program that provides academic and social enrichment through summer and academic year programming to motivated students in grades 6-12 from Boston Public Schools (BPS).

Read the October Parents' Association newsletter

Read the October Parents' Association newsletter

Find out from Nobles faculty what makes this community so close, and the value of lessons gained outside the classroom. Get college counseling's take on what those college rankings mean (and don't). Hear what one educator learned on sabbatical while in the Amazon.


Seventh Head of School Appointed

On September 23, 2016, the Noble and Greenough School Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Dr. Catherine J. Hall as Nobles’ seventh head of school. Hall will join Nobles in July 2017.


Intriguing article about nature of attention in the digital age https://t.co/J8PWq23DNL

Noble and Greenough
Last week, Class IV students in Oris Bryant's History of the Human Community course taught classmates about the major world religions. Each group researched a religion, prepped a lesson plan and study guide, and presented historical and contemporary facts about the faith. The presentations also dispelled misconceptions and stereotypes. Here, Saffiyah Coker (r.) and Natalie Maher (l.) talk through the timeline of Islam.

Laptop Lounge

study_sessionTypical after classes scene a relaxed study session in Gleason Hall.

Big Dawgs Gotta Eat
Getting in shape for Nobles-Milton Day #feelingfierce #nobles #bigdawgsgottaeat #nobles150 @miltonacademy

Grandparents Day

On September 30, Nobles welcomed over 400 grandparents to the classrooms and auditoriums where their favorite students spend their days.

Grandparents enjoyed an assembly, classroom visits and lunch in the Castle's dining hall. 

Click "read more" to view the Grandparents Day photo gallery. 

We were so honored to host David McCullough last week! Check out the full story: https://t.co/i60szHcddw https://t.co/3vXZrM10ox

‘Moonlight’: Is This the Year’s Best Movie?, via @nytimes https://t.co/nsMGnasM01

The Science of Effective Learning Spaces https://t.co/BxnwEmbd1h

Student Directed Play

Student Directed PlayFriday is your last day to see the student directed play. This Nobles adaptation of “Give the Bishop my Faint Regards” by Frank D. Gilroy is directed by Arunima Prasad ’17 and stars Catherine Kasparyan ’18, Medhanit Felleke ’17 and Henry Dolgoff ’19. The performances are in the music office at 6:00 and 6:45 pm on Friday evening.

Reading Up

McCulloughNational Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian David McCullough visited campus today to speak in long assembly. McCullough’s most recent book, “The Wright Brothers,” was Nobles’ summer community read. While discussing themes from “The Wright Brothers,” he talked about the importance of having the courage to admit how much you don’t know while having the curiosity to read above your comfort level.

Noble Grads
This past Monday, Mr. Henderson presented Tim Leland '56 with the Distinguished Graduate Award. Tim was the creator of the Spotlight Team at the Boston Globe. Tim spoke to the school about the need for investigative journalism, and urged students to think about a career in journalism.

Strategies to Help Students 'Go Deep' When Reading Digitally https://t.co/Fqi8Q0n8Zz

@noblesbuzz The Johnstown Flood! I remember that being the Ethics summer reading book :) Retweeted by Provost Bussey @noblesbuzz

While national icon David McCullough is meeting w/Nobles students, a bald eagle touches down on campus. Coincidence? https://t.co/bJVVGyC8X0

Historian & national treasure David McCullough will be spending today @ Noble & Greenough. @NAISnetwork @NoblesGrads https://t.co/6AirQH9XP5

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