Middle School Afternoon Program Offerings

Program Requirements:

  • Three full seasons of Afternoon Program are required in both Class VI and V.

  • In both Class VI and V, students must take a minimum of two seasons of “physical activity” (or "PA" as indicated below).

Occasionally, some programs cannot be offered due to lack of enrollment and others may have limited enrollment based upon staffing or facilities restrictions.





  • Baseball (PA)
  • Chamber Music **(with audition)
  • Dance (PA)**
  • Golf (PA) **/***
  • Lacrosse (PA)
  • Learn to Row (PA)
  • Softball (PA) **
  • Sailing (PA) **/***
  • Tech Theatre (PA) **
  • Tennis (PA)
  • Class V Independent Project*

* After a certification process, only open to Class V students who are not new to Nobles.
** Runs on an upper school schedule
*** Tryout required

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Middle School Afternoon Program Offerings