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The Nobles Alpine Ski Team, consisting of 7 varsity and 5 JV skiers of each gender (total of 24 overall), is open to any member of Classes I-IV. Typically, the numbers of those interested necessitate a tryout day on snow that usually occurs on the Saturday AFTER we return from Thanksgiving break. While no previous race experience is required, most who make the team are already very strong free skiers.

Middle schoolers interested in the program must wait until their Class IV year to try out unless they already have significant race experience. If that is the case, they can indicate to their advisor earlier in the fall that they are interested in trying out. That will be communicated to the head ski coach, who will meet with each of those middle schoolers interested in order to confirm that a try out is warranted in each individual's case.

This option also has to be approved by the middle school core faculty, confirming their confidence in each student interested in trying out that he or she can successfully manage the academic and social demands of participating on an almost exclusively upper school team.

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Middle School Afternoon Program > Alpine Skiing