"Some of the most important work done by Middle School faculty is to use the curriculum as a means to teach the skills necessary for life-long academic success."

– John Gifford, Assistant Head of School & Head of Middle School

The Middle School Curriculum

Class V (Grade 8) and VI (Grade 7) students carry a substantive academic load. Middle Schoolers take a full slate of classes including: math, English Via Latin, English, science, social studies, Latin, and a modern language (Chinese, French or Spanish). Students also take a rotation of electives that exposes them to drama, visual arts, music and computers. Students also may choose to take Chorus, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble and/or individual music lessons.

Academic Skill Development: While the academic curriculum is engaging and creative, some of the most important work done by Middle School faculty is to teach the skills necessary for academic success. A great deal of attention is paid to note-taking, active reading, problem solving, assessment-taking, critical thinking, time-management and organizational skills. Middle school students learn to be self-advocates for their own academic success through collaborative work with their teachers.

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The Middle School Curriculum