"Some of the most important work done by Middle School faculty is to use the curriculum as a means to teach the skills necessary for life-long academic success."

– John Gifford, Assistant Head of School & Head of Middle School

Computer Science

The mission of the Computer Science department is to promote intellectual growth and the creative exploration of technology through rigorous and inventive courses. By offering a wide range of technology-based classes from programming to the use of media tools for effective digital communication, we provide learning opportunities in computer science that are both accessible and inclusive.


Introduction to Computer Principles
Open to: Class VI only
Required For: Class VI

(Taken as part of the quarterly rotation with Visual Arts, Drama and Music)
How can our students use technology as a means of communicating, creating and sharing information in an ever-changing digital world? This question is the foundation for the various tools, concepts, and skills covered in this class. Students will explore how advances in  computer technology are generating new questions about ethical and social practices.  Students will collaborate through Google Apps for Education (GAFE), participate in online class discussions and use various software applications on both the laptop and iPad for image making, animation and presentation.

This media rich environment is designed to provide our youngest students with a comfortable entry into the world of computer science, as well as an opportunity to build their technology competence. As with technology in general, the course content will always be evolving to meet the needs of the students as members of the Nobles community and beyond. The skills and confidence developed in this class serve as a foundation for further exploration of computer science at Nobles.


Coding and Design | Spring Only
Full Credit
Open to: Class V Only

Modern computing combines creativity and problem solving. In other words, computer technology gives us new ways to address daily challenges and accomplish what couldn't be done before. Today’s computer programmers and digital designers create the tools, processes and artifacts that allow us to communicate and share information more effectively in an increasingly technological world.

Students in this hands-on, project-based class will have the opportunity to explore real world digital design and coding tools. Units covered will include basic coding, 3D design, digital imaging and animation and how to build simple websites. Through self-paced “challenges” during the first half of the semester, students are exposed to a variety of tools and processes, while the second half allows for a deeper understanding of a chosen area of study.

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