"Some of the most important work done by Middle School faculty is to use the curriculum as a means to teach the skills necessary for life-long academic success."

– John Gifford, Assistant Head of School & Head of Middle School


Middle School academics

The Middle School mathematics curriculum at Nobles includes traditionally required courses in pre-algebra and elementary algebra. In pre-algebra, students are expected to solidify skills and prepare to think abstractly. Algebra I covers the most fundamental skills in secondary mathematics and is the foundation for all future math courses. Students in pre-algebra must have access to basic scientific calculators and beginning with Algebra I, each student must have access to a Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI 84 graphing calculator.

Pre-algebra | Full Year
Full Credit
Open to: VI

This course prepares students for subsequent algebra courses by reinforcing arithmetic skills while introducing students to more abstract arithmetic and mathematical reasoning skills, including the use of variables in problem solving. Students explore fractions, positive and negative numbers, exponent rules, like terms, equation solving, word problems, inequalities, data analysis, and basic concepts in planar and three-dimensional geometry.

Algebra I | Full Year
Full Credit
Open to: V
Prerequisites: Pre-algebra

This course covers the most fundamental and, therefore, most important skills in secondary school mathematics. Included in the course are a study of the rational and irrational numbers, extensive work with equations and inequalities, graphing of linear and quadratic functions, solving systems of equations, polynomial algebra, rational expressions and equations, and a variety of word problems. Use of the TI-84 graphing calculator will begin with the study of linear functions, and therefore is a required tool for the course.

Honors Algebra I
Full Credit
Open to: V, VI
Prerequisites: Pre-algebra and permission of the department

Honors Algebra I is offered to those students who, in pre-algebra, have demonstrated very strong interest and ability in mathematics. All of the Algebra I topics described above will be included in the Honors course, but the formal operations and manipulations of algebra will receive greater emphasis in the Honors sections and the pace of coverage will be accelerated as well. 




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