“If you are a student who likes a challenge, likes to try new things that you wouldn't have otherwise tried, and wants to have great relationships with your teachers and classmates that you never thought possible, Nobles is the place for you.”

– Katherine, Grade 8

Nobles Middle School

We work to make the Middle School years great.

It isn’t always easy—seventh and eighth grade years can be tough. The academic work kicks into high-gear. At Nobles, the day expands and students run hard from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. (and that is before they start their homework). The social dynamics in the middle school years become complicated (to say the least.) And yet, our goal at Nobles is to make these pivotal years a period marked by striking skill development, great personal growth and fun.

The key to our success is the community of teachers and learners that we assemble. Challenging academics feel less daunting when a student is supported by a caring teacher and advisor. The days fly by when classes are led by dynamic and creative faculty members. And students are better able to navigate the inevitable social drama when the school’s stated values of citizenship and empathy are consistently reinforced.

The Nobles Middle School is an integral part of the larger institution and there are many valuable points of connection with the Upper School. Middle School students are able to mature intellectually and socially at an age-appropriate pace while benefiting from the positive role models and inspirational examples of the older students.

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Nobles Middle School
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