Middle School Special Projects

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Class V (Eighth Grade)

Solar Car Races

Supreme Court Paper

Washington, D.C. Trip



Class VI (Seventh Grade)

Round the World

Who Am I?

Identity Week

Endangered Species Project

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Solar Car Races – Class V Science

The Class V students design and construct model solar cars as part of a national engineering competition called the Junior Solar Sprint. This program was started in 1990 by the United States Department of Energy as a way to encourage young people to explore the field of engineering as well as environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

At Nobles, the students learn the basic scientific principles relating to Newton's laws of motion, work, energy, and simple machines. They also gain first-hand experience with the Design process of Engineering as they build prototypes and test their ideas.

Students work cooperatively in teams of two or three.  They problem solve as they work to create a reliable solar powered car that can complete the 20 meter race course. The top seven teams in the categories of speed, creativity, craftsmanship, and technical merit compete against other top cars from Boston area middle schools in the Eastern Massachusetts Regional Race held at M.I.T.

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Round the World Trip – Class VI Interdisciplinary Project

The “RTW” project has been a hallmark of the Class VI experience for over a decade. This project provides middle schoolers the chance to plan a comprehensive trip around the world, is an interdisciplinary effort between math, English, science and geography classes.

Students must adhere to a strict time line and budget while they explore the cultures and traditions of far-flung worlds. They research and implement a service project in at least one of the developing nations that they visit.

The project culminates in a community celebration where each student presents their work to families and the full faculty of the middle school.


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Supreme Court Paper – Class V Civics

In the spring, Class V Civics students complete a rigorous research paper project. Each student is given a set of three or four Supreme Court cases all dealing with the same constitutional topic. Issues include affirmative action, the death penalty, hate crimes, reproductive rights, teaching evolution in schools, and free speech.

Students begin by researching each case, using print and electronic sources, to find the basic facts of the cases, how each reached the Supreme Court, the arguments made in front of the high court, and the Supreme Court's decision. They fully explore the majority, concurring, and dissenting opinions written by the justices.

After clearly articulating the facts, students step back and look at their findings as a whole to determine the evolution of the court's thinking over time. This project helps students to learn and hone various research, time management, organization and writing skills.

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Who Am I? – Class VI

In the fall, Class VI students create a short (60 - 90 second) presentation about themselves. After considering their genealogy, family history, and various modes of self-expression (visual art, writing, and storytelling) students choose a theme and create a storyboard and a script. They then use iMovie software to record the audio, select and arrange photos, maps, and other visuals to complement the audio. Finally, they choose background music and add titles and transitions.

The finished pieces are as wonderfully eclectic as the students themselves. Students enjoy themselves while creating something unique and personal, and also learn important skills that will enable them to be knowledgeable consumers and producers of multimedia.

Watch sample "Who Am I?" videos.


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Identity Week – Class VI

Identity Week is an interactive weeklong program that is an integral part of the Class VI experience. Through the use of media, discussion, simulations, and activities, students explore four major questions: (1) What is my identity? (2) What are the identities of my classmates and teachers? (3) How can we support all identities in our community? (4) What is unique about our community? The experience is eye-opening, reflective, challenging and safe and culminates in a trip to a Boston neighborhood and the creation of community maps using multimedia technology.


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Washington, D.C. Trip – Class V

Just after Civics students have completed the study of the the three branches of the United States government, Class V students spend three days and two nights in Washington, D.C.

National monuments and museums serve as the backdrop for a hands-on exploration of our government system and our nation’s history.

Highlights of the trip include the Holocaust Museum, The Newseum, The African American History Museum, The Smithsonian Museum and a visit with a Massachusetts member of Congress.


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Sludge! - Class V Science

The Sludge Test is a lab practical and a “rite of passage” for Class V scientists. Working in groups, students are charged with separating and identifying the components of an unknown mixture without guidance or instruction from their teacher. Students showcase their lab skills, teamwork, ability to plan, problem solving strategies, and intellectual horsepower.

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Endangered Species Project - Class VI Science

In January, Class VI students study one of the thousands of endangered species in the world and create two products: a research paper modeled after an article in Science World magazine and a Public Service Announcement (PSA) using iMovie. 

Students work in pairs to create a PSA using persuasive techniques common in advertising. They begin to appreciate the complex relationship between humans and the environment as they identify the causes for the population decline, explore ways in which people are working to restore the population, and learn about the cultural impacts and hurdles. Students also develop time management skills as they create calendars and monitor their progress.

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