Who Am I?

In the fall, Class VI students create a short (60-90 second) presentation about themselves. After considering their genealogy, family history, and various modes of self-expression (visual art, writing, and storytelling), students choose a theme and create a storyboard and a script. They then use iMovie software to record the audio, select and arrange photos, maps, and other visuals to complement the audio.  Finally, they choose background music and add titles and transitions.

The finished pieces are as wonderfully eclectic as the students themselves! Students enjoy themselves while creating something unique and personal, and also learn important skills that will enable them to be knowledgeable consumers and producers of multimedia. Click the thumnail images below to sample a few videos:

Alex Halaby


Xavier Welch

Who Am I         Who Am I


Anya Cheng

Who Am I


Ryan Flynn

Mikaela Martin

Ryan Flynn Who Am I


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Who Am I?
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