A Welcome from the Boarding Community

Deb Harrison
Faculty member

Dr. Hall, on behalf of the Nobles campus family, it is my honor and enormous pleasure to extend a warm and happy welcome to you and your family to our neighborhood.

We are all so thrilled that you, Evelyn, Thomas and Matthew (and Jack Bruce, the puppy), have made the house on the hilltop overlooking the river and fields your new home.

Since 1922, these 187 acres of woodlands, fields and riverbank marshes have been home to generations of Nobles history, among which you now count yourselves.

Nearly 30 years ago, Laura Putnam, daughter of Charles Wiggins and wife of Eliot Putnam, Nobles’ second and third heads of school respectively, wrote a recollection of her childhood years on this stunning and tranquil campus.

Laura fondly recalled the familiar “glimpse of the high red roof across the pond, certain old trees along the driveway, and the sound of the red-winged blackbirds in the spring marshes.”

This peaceful landscape our campus community shares is where we bring closure to each day together, often indulged by Mother Nature’s gift of vivid and dynamic sunsets in the western sky over the boathouse. And when the gleam of light at dawn greets us, we rise to prepare for a new day and then head off along a wooded path on our way to school.

No doubt some of your other campus neighbors have introduced themselves to you by now, not the two-legged human ones but the rich and diverse wildlife sharing this stunningly beautiful patch of Earth with us all.

Perhaps a roving flock of wild turkeys or several white-tailed deer have strolled through your yard to take note of who has moved in. Have the great horned owls called to you on a moonlit evening? Maybe your kids have discovered painted turtles sunning on a log along the riverbank that runs just below your house, and I do hope that majestic bald eagles, whose presence takes our breath away, soar above as you stroll the campus on a crisp afternoon this fall.

We do want to be sure you are prepared for some of the more persistent neighbors who enjoy that forested hilltop with you and we have a present to equip you for their frequent drop-in visits. If you consult Whit Ramsdell, your neighbor just past the end of your driveway, with wisdom beyond his 5 1/2 years, he will rattle off a list of just who those drop-in visitors might be.

With great enthusiasm he’ll tell you about the chickadees and cardinals, nuthatches and woodpeckers, and many more birds that will appear with hefty appetites, grateful for any sustenance you provide for them. So, to outfit you for your new role in this campus ecosystem, we’d like to present this bird feeder, along with some seed to get you started, and a neighborhood directory in the form of a field guide for identifying these hungry feathered guests.

Welcome to our campus family!

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