A Welcome from the Faculty and Staff

Nick Nickerson
Senior Master

I am deeply honored to be up here today representing the entire faculty and staff in our welcome to Dr. Hall as the seventh head of Noble and Greenough School. I have had the pleasure to work with four of the seven heads in our school's history. Yes, I am old. I have reached that point in my life where my birthday candles cost more than the cake.  Nonetheless, I am so pleased to welcome you, Dr. Hall. As many in the audience know, I love the use of metaphors. For a large operation such as Nobles, one apt metaphor might be that a large sailing ship, full of momentum under sail, staffed by a diverse crew, all with their specific jobs— tending this line, trimming that sail, swabbing the deck, or organizing the provisions. Our ship is large enough and sound enough to travel to any destination we choose. However, to get to those distant shores, we will all need to work hard, towards the same end, and we will need someone to set the course. 

Welcome aboard, captain.  

The faculty and staff are excited for your leadership in our journey ahead. We are confident that you will steer this venture with a firm hand on the tiller, with great wisdom and compassion filling our sails, and with a clear vision towards the horizon. As a symbolic gesture, we would like to present you with this ship's compass. We hope this compass will help you maintain your bearings throughout whatever seas lie ahead, for you will notice that the arrow always points to N, the direction of true Nobles. The inscription begins with the great advice of Henry David Thoreau, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams." Our dreams are somewhere out there, beyond the horizon. We all look forward to the exciting distant shores that we will explore together in the years ahead. So once again, on this Installation Day, we say "Welcome aboard, Dr. Hall." Best wishes from the entire staff and faculty, and godspeed.

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Nick Nickerson Installation Speech