"The Studies Show" is a podcast series hosted by Nobles Learning Specialists Gia Batty and Sara Masucci. Through this series, the two hope to share information about some of the research they have come across in their work.

"The Studies Show" Podcasts

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 April 2016: Creativity

 December 2015: New Season and a New Voice

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 June 2015: Year In Review

 January 2015: Mind Wandering

 November 2014: On Paper

 September 2014: Digital Disorganization

April 2014: The Gamification of Education

   Click below to read more about "hard fun," and how Candy Crush can inform learning: 

February 2014: A Love Letter to Google Docs 

Click the link to see a video tutorial on Google Docs: 


December 2013: Review of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing

November 2013: FAQs

 October 2013: The Myth of Multitasking

 September 2013: Starting Strong

 June 2013: Summer Reading Tips

April 2013: Studying for Modern Language and Oral Assessments 

March 2013: To-Do Lists in the Digital Age and the Death of the Assignment Notebook

               Click below to download these apps mentioned in the podcast:

January 2013: The Writing Process

      Click below to download Ms. Batty and Ms. Masucci's favorite writing templates: 

For additional resources, they also recommend checking out http://thinkingmaps.com/blog/ or reading They Say I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein.

December 2012: Assessment Study Tips

November 2012: Study Spaces 

For more information about Dr. Robert Bjork's work at UCLA (mentioned in the podcast), check out the following links:




October 2012: The Weekend  


Click to download the "Assigment Planning Sheet" and "Time Planning Hourly Sheet" mentioned in the October podcast.

September 2012: The Benefits of Water

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"The Studies Show" Podcasts