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April 28, 2017

Pay it ForwardThe middle school’s Nice People’s Campaign set up a “pay it forward” wall today to track a web of interconnected good deeds.

Putnam Library

March 31, 2017
We asked and you answered!  Thanks for all your responses! Class IV Dean and English Teacher E.B. Bartels ’06: I rewatched Edward Scissorhands on a thirteen-hour plane ride back from Japan. I hadn’t seen it in about ten years, and I forgot how depressing it is, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Remember Johnny Depp pre-Pirates of the […]

Nobles Visual Arts

January 22, 2016


Brooke Berger, our other artist in Foster Gallery who is showing with Anna Yeroshenko, also sites an artist who wrestled with architecture as an influence on her work. Gordon Matta-Clark, who worked primarily during the 1970s, created work that straddled architecture, photography, performance, and intervention. He often used abandoned buildings as his raw material, cutting them open and exposing the under structure. In his short life, he challenged the architecture establishment and enlarged the scope of the Earth Art movement. The Guggenheim Museum has an introductory page where you can learn more about him here.

Nobles Outing Club

September 22, 2015
The Nobles Outing Club is offering the first hike of the year, the Bill Biddle Hike. In its third year, this hike honors Bill Biddle, an English teacher who started the Outing Club with some students in 1960. Many of … Continue reading

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