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December 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter December 2011

From the PIN Reps

The Parents' Independent School Network (PIN) has an exciting year ahead, featuring a new program of webinars for the entire school community on issues that face Upper School parents, as well as the traditional educational meetings.

At the PIN meeting on November 18, 2011, a representative from Planned Parenthood spoke to the assembled reps about “Helping Our Teens Develop Healthy Emotional and Social Relationships.” Topics covered included:

The effects of social networking on relationships and self-image:
While social networking can help students build a strong network of friends, provides an outlet for creative expression and grants them access to valuable news and health information, it can also be a venue for cyber-bullying, lead to “hypertexting” (sending more than 120 texts a day), “sexting,” or “hypernetworking” (spending more than three hours a day on networking sites). “Facebook Depression” describes the mood swings and changes in appearance, diet and sleep patterns that often result from spending too much time on social media sites.

Social and emotional learning: a process for helping people develop the fundamental skills to handle ourselves, our relations and our decisions effectively and ethically. Skills include:
• Self-awareness: awareness of what makes us unique
• Self-management: expressing emotions appropriately
• Social awareness: understanding others
• Relationship skills: includes refusal skills, negotiation, and communication
• Responsible decisions making: making responsible, informed decisions

Ways to communicate:
• Passive: giving in and saying “yes” when you really don’t want to
• Confrontational: trying to get your way by using anger
• Assertive: giving an honest answer to things you want and don’t want

"CERTS" Modal of Healthy Relationships:
Young people should look for and evaluate the qualities of Consent, Equality, Respect, Trust and Safety in their relationships. Consent means two enthusiastic "yeses."

Teen dating violence: warning signs and prevention:
According to the CDC, one in every 10 teenagers has experienced some form of dating violence. Sudden changes in a teen’s attitude or behavior could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Possible warning signs for parents include:
• failing grades/dropping out of activities
• difficulty making decisions
• unusually secretive
• avoiding spending time with friends
• significant changes in eating or sleeping habits
• avoiding eye contact or family conversation
Possible warning signs for teens include:
• unwanted physical contact
• jealousy or possessiveness
• controlling, bossing behavior
• frequently gets in fights, is violent with other people
• blames partner for his/her problems

A good resource is

The next live webinar broadcast is scheduled for Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. The topic will be “Students in the Digital Age: How Technology Influences the Developing Brain.”

Are boys and girls genetically predestined to excel in distinct fields? Today’s youth are bombarded with vibrant graphics, endless activities and nonstop social connections. How does technology use affect socialization and prefrontal cortex development? Can digital interactions undermine language acquisition and processing in the child’s brain’s dominant hemisphere? Our experts diagram and discuss the pubescent brain through cutting-edge research to illustrate the potential for detriment or benefit. Leave armed with proactive tips to mitigate the negative implications of technology’s offerings for children and teenagers.

Watch the webinars live and real-time ask questions. If you aren’t available at that time, you may log on later to watch them. Here's how to log on:


Complete the form with the following information and select “Register”:

  • Registration type: Parent
  • ?Enter your information (name, your personal user name, personal password, etc.)
  • ?Select Parents’ Independent School Network from the Institution list
  • ?Enter the Service Validation Code (SVC): 3LTLK5BH

PIN webinars are privileged information for staff and parents at PIN schools only. We appreciate your not sharing the password information with others.

If you encounter any difficulties, you may e-mail or call 888-773-7072 to access technical support staff.

Last month’s webinar, "Sugar and Spice vs. Puppy Dog Tails: How Boys and Girls Learn Differently," received strong reviews and we hope many saw it. If you didn’t, remember that these webinars are archived for three years, so you’ll have plenty of time to watch them at your leisure.

We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful educational resource and we welcome any feedback you have on the webinars.

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