Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

December 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter December 2011

Class IV Deans' Report

Class IV students returned to school from Thanksgiving break full of energy and excited to see their peers for the first time in five whole days! It was all we could do to get them out of the Alcoves, where they were catching up with friends, and into Assembly on Monday morning. This energy will be key to carry them through the end of the semester. The first semester comes to a rapid close in the next three weeks: there are roughly nine class meetings per subject, following which is a week of assessments. It is critical for all freshmen to understand the history and design of the assessment week.

Most teachers tend to close out the final unit of the semester with a test, and historically the last week of the semester was a regular class schedule full of tests and quizzes and essays. To make the schedule less demanding for students, Nobles decided to go to an exam schedule to ease the pressure of days with three or more assessments in them. However, the nature of the tests has not changed. They are unit tests, non-cumulative, and designed for an hour or so time period. To accommodate extended time, the exam blocks are two hours in length, but that does not signify the usual length of these tests. Please help teachers as they try to reduce anxiety around these tests and reiterate the fact that these are just unit tests spaced out to help kids with study time. The schedule for assessments can be found on the Nobles website and will vary based on your child’s classes.

We hope everything wraps up well, and kids are able to finish strong this quarter. Know that teachers and deans are there to support them along the way.

All the best wishes,
Dave Ulrich and Emily Parfit
Class IV Deans

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