Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

March 2012

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter March 2012

From Community Service: A "Thank You" Is In Order

The hallways of Nobles have altered lately. Not just new paint in the classrooms, which looks wonderful by the way, but lumpy bags, huge cardboard boxes, tree limbs sporting red paper hearts with notes about forks, and knives and spoons, and a crib filled with baby clothes and toys. One Fed-Ex delivery man walked by yesterday and was heard to say aloud, "Hmmm. Not the usual high school. I have some kid stuff I can bring over next time I come."

These gifts from the community for India, Romania, South Africa and homeless elders of Boston really are the norm here. I cannot remember a recent Assembly when someone from our Nobles family has not hoped to educate us all about a cause, a person, a place, a project that has become dear to them. They know if they ask for support, and explain what the issue is, they will get a response from their faculty friends and classmates. Families also generously help their children to be aware of the larger world that surrounds 10 Campus Drive and often that awareness translates into sending flatware for the elders, combing attic spaces and garages for outgrown soccer cleats for children across the world, or sending in cans of tuna fish to make sandwiches for hungry people during Empathy Week.

This note is simply to say thank you. It goes without saying too often. We appreciate what you are doing at home to widen your children's ideas about who they are responsible to, and to help them learn how to organize and execute the projects that come from these ideas. We are all working together, and as Linda and I looked around the gathering of gifts in the hallway today, we knew it was time to reach back to you, the families of our students, in appreciation.

Many thanks,
Sandi MacQuinn and Linda Hurley

P. S.

A new independent project beginning...

In 2010, I started an organization called the Fairy Godmother Network, after my grandmother passed away from cancer. The Fairy Godmother Network targets families affected by cancer who need small, simple services performed at home while they are undergoing treatment. After much hard work, we have recently partnered with the Newton-Wellesley Hospital. After Spring Break, the Newton-Wellesley Hospital may have five to six families from the metro west area signed up for the program. I am looking for 10-12 volunteers to help provide the following services: peer tutoring, babysitting, light meal prep, light house cleaning, and whatever else might be needed (more details to come). Volunteers will be able to receive community service hours. It is my hope that this becomes a permanent organization at Nobles.

Thank you,
Alexa Demirjian, Class II

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