Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2012

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter October 2012

The Light, The Air, The Food by Erika Guy, Dean of Students

There is always that one day in late August or early September when the shift is so obviously on. By mid-August we have become so hypnotized by the successive strings of long, hot, high humidity summer days that some of us actually delude ourselves into thinking that it will go on and on. Then the switch gets flipped. Overnight it seems, the slant of light shifts and the sky sparkles in a very different way. Overnight, it is fall. For some, this climatic experience is bittersweet. Not for me. Despite the predictable arrival of my “start-of-school” head cold, I am more than ready.

Now that Staples and other such school supply houses begin their advertising onslaught by late-July, our kids felt the circling shark of September long before the shift in climate mentioned above, but this start to the school year was different from all others in one significant way: the kids were by and large, HAPPY to be back at Nobles. The reason?  I am calling it the “campus-wide antidepressant.” It is the newly-renovated Castle dining facility. Good food in glorious surroundings makes people happy. Period.  From the sunlight-infused grand main dining hall to the coveted terrace tables to the quesadilla station, kids (and adults) are simply loving the new addition to the Nobles experience. Despite first Assembly warnings about the potential to put on the “Castle 15,” the enthusiasm with which the community has embraced our new Castle has not waned. The daily healthy food options are so numerous that lunch is no longer a drive-by for anyone.

Just two of the advantages already being enjoyed by the community because of the new Castle dining facility:

  1. The Cooking Club will now be able to actually cook something!  We are beginning with a kitchen knife skills workshop (to insure the health and safety of all)
  2. The new “action station” will serve as the  lab for the inaugural spring science elective “The Chemistry of Cuisine”

If you have not walked through it, I encourage you to stop by sometime in the off hours to fully understand the joy maker that is our new dining hall!

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