Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2012

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter October 2012

Nobles Bottle Ban

We need your help to implement THE NEW SCHOOL-WIDE BAN ON SINGLE USE PLASTIC BOTTLES. Quite simply, the school requests that no single use plastic water bottles be brought on to campus.

As a parent, if you volunteer to donate beverages for students to have at events on campus, we ask that you do not bring bottled water to campus. Ideally, you feel comfortable extending the ban to all single use plastic bottled drinks. If you choose to provide beverages that aren’t water, please consider serving canned drinks that will be recycled, drinks in juice boxes, or mixing large amounts of powdered drink mix into large jugs for serving into paper cups which can be recycled.

Every student has been asked to bring a reusable water bottle to campus for daily use. Over the summer, the campus was outfitted with filtered water fountains designed to accommodate various shapes of reuseable water bottles. Please remind your student to bring a water bottle to school daily.

This ban represents one of the many campus-wide Green Team programs that have been implemented at the school. The Nobles Green Team, co-led by Director of Building and Grounds Mike McHugh and biology teacher Deb Harrison, is well supported by Head of School Bob Henderson and Athletic Director Alex Gallagher, as well as other administrative heads and faculty members.

To understand the motivation for the ban, we urge you to look at "Plastic Is Forever," included below. We are confident that after reading it, you will be energized to support this historic effort to ban all single use plastic bottles on the Nobles campus—and perhaps in your own homes as well.

Thank you in advance for working with us to create a healthier campus and to build a more sustainable planet. Change is happening. Join us on campus and at home!

Jill Dalby Ellison
Kirsten M. Dawson  
Parent Representatives to the Nobles Green Team: Go Blue! Go Green!

Plastic Is Forever


  • PLASTIC IS FOREVER. Plastic photo degrades, but does not bio degrade. Plastic breaks into smaller and smaller pieces, but it never goes away.
  • There is NO SUCH THING AS PLASTIC RECYCLING, just down cycling—changing it from one form into another.
  • Over the past 40 years, the amount of plastic in the oceans has increased
  • PLASTIC PARTICULATES ARE FOUND IN EVERY OCEAN.  In one study, sampling revealed that for every two pieces of plankton, there were six pieces of plastic.
  • PLASTIC ACTS LIKE A MAGNET BECAUSE IT IS DERIVED FROM AN ORGANIC SUBSTANCE.  Pollutants stick to plastic particulates. Fish ingest particulates and the pollutants.  And we eat the fish.
  • The GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH is not a fixed island.  It is an ENORMOUS FLOATING MASS MADE UP OF 90% PLASTIC WASTE.  It measures 2,000 square miles and moves  between Hawaii and the Midway Atoll depending on the ocean gyres.
  • Roughly 80% OF THE PLASTIC IN THE OCEAN COMES FROM LAND SOURCES while 20% comes from ships at sea.

When it comes to plastic pollution, we are the solution: Refuse to use single use plastics.

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