Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

January 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter January 2013


Mid-Year Reflections by Bob Henderson, Head of School

Every school year is shaped by a unique combination of salient external and internal influences. As I reflect at the end of the first semester, I am struck that these six months have been successful in most ways, and I always feel challenged to examine why and how—and to consider whether the formula might be reproduced. This year, many of the influences and factors were grand in scope and unlikely to be repeated. Throughout the many recent changes and challenges of last semester—on campus and around the world—the Nobles community responded by creating opportunities for positive action, intellectual engagement and personal growth.


Why the Afternoon Program? by Ben Snyder, Head of Upper School

When the academic day ended at my independent school outside of Detroit, we all played sports. Yes, there were choices—but they were only from among interscholastic teams. No matter where your interests or talents lay, we all ended up pulling on jerseys that said “Cranbrook” across the front. Our teachers were also our coaches—some of whom were experts in their sports and others who were clearly there just to be supportive and to get to know us.


More Than Catch Phrase by Gia Batty, Learning Specialist

Studies show…

Unfortunately, whenever I say it, my own children (and husband) seem to automatically tune out. Lately, I’ve been telling them about studies that show we need to drink more water in the morning in order to hydrate our brains, and ones that prove music really should be turned off when we are reading. “Studies show…” is how I begin lots of advice to my own family, but it’s also a phrase I use while working with students, families and faculty at Nobles.


Feb. 7, 2013: Upper School No Homework Night by Bill Bussey, Provost

It was a little after 1 p.m., on a Saturday afternoon. I had just finished running an errand with my oldest daughter, when she, against all odds, agreed to go to Legal's for lunch. I didn't take her initial reluctance personally; she's just not a fish-eater. It was great to sit back with her and do nothing for an hour or so. Soon after being seated, I began thinking about the winter break and all the things that needed to get done: family stuff, school stuff, and things that I needed to follow up on sooner than later. And then my daughter pulled me back into the here and now.

From the PA Co-Chairs

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a relaxing break. Fri. evening, Jan. 11, is the annual Nobles/Cotting School basketball game at Nobles. It is the fifth annual contest between Nobles girls’ varsity basketball and Cotting School players. 


Class Notes

Find out what's going on and how to become involved with your student's class. Click to access your class:

Class Deans' Corner

Middle School Dean's Report


From Community Service: Please Consider This for the New Year

Ah, the new year! Every magazine is full of advice about keeping resolutions, cleaning out the clutter or getting more organized and efficient. Linda and I have something to add to that list—just keep doing what you have always done, guided by your solid family principles.


Got A Minute?

Earlier this year, Noble and Greenough School launched a video series called the "Nobles Minute." The 60-second multimedia pieces showcase campus life, classes, special events and more. You can find these fun videos on, as well as the school's Youtube channel, under the Nobles Minute Playlist.

The latest video (which was too interesting to cap at 60 seconds, so we extended it this one time!) features the modern language department discussing oral proficiency and assessments. 

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From the Nobles Green Team

Happy New Year! School is back in session, and the Nobles Green Team has a few tips and reminders on how to keep our campus happy, healthy and environmentally friendly.

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From the Foster Gallery


Join us on Thurs., Jan. 10, for the biennial faculty show opening reception. This year, the show is entitled Have Patience With Everything That Remains Unsolved In Your Heart. This quote from Ranier Maria Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet speaks to the frustration that can occur during the art making process. Art can be a process of uncovering and discovering what lies within. No one knows this better than a teacher of art, who must approach art-making from many points of view: creator, mentor, instructor, community member. 

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From the Nobles Theatre Collective

Greetings from the Nobles Theatre Collective (NTC). We hope you had a wonderful holiday and relaxing winter break and wish you a very happy new year. The winter months are a very busy time for the NTC, so please mark the following dates on your calendars.

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Be a New Family Host!

We are looking for Nobles families currently in grades 7-11.

The Admissions Office, in partnership with the Parents' Association, is looking for host families for incoming fall 2013 families new to Nobles.

The Host Family Program serves as a way to welcome new families into the community. New families appreciate the advice and support that their host families provide and the school administration values the role that the current Nobles families play in the transition process for new families. The role of the host family is to provide a connection between the new family and Nobles and to create an accessible and welcoming source of information and support.

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