Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

March 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter March 2013

March Musings: Tweeting Out the Drawer by Bill Bussey, Provost

When the Communications folks initially asked me to tweet for the school, I declined without a second thought. I am not on Facebook or Instagram or interested in joining that world. I do email and that’s about it. Months later they asked again, explained how it could serve the school community, and I thought that I might as well learn first-hand what all the fuss is about. Besides, they are good people, really good at what they do, and I trust their judgment.

After “tweeting” out for a month, and representing the school on some level, I can see how anybody, not just kids, could get in a jam.  For example, the words that I would use to describe my feelings for Lance Armstrong are best left untweeted but I almost did it.  I did tweet out a Rolling Stone interview that upon closer inspection was sprinkled with f-bombs; I thought about just letting it go but then thought better of it and removed it. The inappropriate makes me laugh more than anything but more often than not I just can’t go there and expect life to be business as usual afterwards.

Yet, I can tweet out useful articles, irreverent news items, upcoming events and the rare schoolhouse moment that I think parents and kids will find interesting. This medium also serves as a conduit for graduates to get a sense of how the school is doing, how it remains familiar and, I trust, taking pride in its growth. I tweeted a simple message reminding current students of an upcoming “blue and white day” and immediately received a response from a graduate as to how she “missed those days.”  I found it comforting that something that simple still resonated with her.  Striking a balance between the serious, the irreverent and the sentimental without it being Nobles rah-rah all the time works for me.

I share this with you because I’m finding this little enterprise worth it. For me it does have a shelf life, but until that time, you might find it worth it, too. Search Twitter for NoblesBuzz, put in your email address and name, follow, and that’s that. No one will come knocking at your front door. Promise.

Other things…

Debbie Harrison, who has coached the varsity squash team for more than 20 years, at least, won the ISL championship this year with the same understated grace, drive and humility that she has approached all her undertakings throughout her career.  Nothing this past winter has given me greater satisfaction than this.

If you never got around to seeing  “Argo”, “Silver Linings Playbook” or “Searching for Sugarman”, you should give them a shot.

Most people don’t read much for pleasure. They just don’t have the time. Maybe that explains why over the past year short story collections are getting tons of attention. Two recent releases are Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell and George Saunders’ The Tenth of December.  Both are must-reads, especially if you have some vacation time coming up.  George Saunders will be reading at Newtonville Books in Newton Centre, Fri., March 8, at 8 p.m. and on Sun., March 10, noon, at the Brattle Theatre. Tickets for the Brattle event are available through the Harvard Book Store ($5.00 fee)

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