Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

May 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter May 2011

Thinking of Summer - And Summer Reading

There is ample data to suggest that high school-age students are simply not reading enough — and there is overwhelming data that says high school students should use the summers to read more in order to maintain critical thinking skills gained over the academic year and improve reading comprehension. Between the distractions of summer activities (jobs, camps, various programs, the allure of texting and the internet, etc.) teenagers are staying away from books.

To that end, we have crafted some new requirements around summer reading that we wanted you to be aware of. Every student in the Upper School will be required to read three books for Nobles over the summer (and we hope many more for themselves). The requirements will be:

1. Zeitoun by David Eggers will be the Nobles Community Book for this summer. All students and faculty are expected to read this book.
2. Every level of history will read an assigned book in preparation for their fall (or year-long) history course.
3. Students are required to read one other book from the list provided by the Nobles English Department and Nobles librarians. Students who are not taking a history class (primarily some students in Classes I and II) will choose two books from this list.

Students will be assessed on these books during their first week back. We hope and trust these titles will provide ample opportunity for interesting and relevant reading over the summer (and we encourage parents to read right along with their kids!). Lists will be available on the Nobles website by June 8.

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