Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

May 2011

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter May 2011

Class III Dean's Report by Tara Cocozza

The last time I wrote a newsletter, we were awaiting one of our many snowstorms from this winter. The weather certainly has transitioned since then, and each warm and sunny day we have reminds us that summer is not far away. Although the change in weather is a clear indicator that the school year is coming to a close, June always approaches more quickly than the students think it will. The next month will be full of academic challenges, athletic contests, musical performances and events leading up to the graduation of Class I, all of which contribute to how fast the month of May passes.

There have been several highlights from Class III in the second semester, and I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the students for their many achievements. All Class III students will have completed two major projects by mid-May: the US History Research Paper and the Novel Project in English III. Both of these projects are milestones of the Class III experience, and I commend the students for successfully navigating each of them while balancing their regular workload and extracurricular commitments. I also would like to acknowledge the students who applied to study away from Nobles for either a semester of next year or for the entire academic year. All students who applied to different programs took a risk in doing so, and I commend them for wanting to explore opportunities away from our campus. It takes courage to leave one’s surroundings for something that is challenging and unfamiliar, yet I know how much students grow when they participate in these valuable programs. Although Class III students will miss those who have decided to attend these programs, I know that everyone will benefit from hearing about their experiences upon their return.

There are several people whom I would like to thank as the year comes to a close. I especially want to express my sincerest gratitude to Kris Ganong and Valerie Thayer, both of who spent many hours planning and organizing events for Class III parents and guardians. I offer many thanks to Kris, Valerie and all of the parents and guardians who helped make the Class III Head of School Dinner and Dance on March 5 a great success. I appreciate how much planning went into making the event successful, and I can assure you that the students had a great time. I also would like to acknowledge the four SLC Representatives (students Alison Grogan, Savannah Horton, Caleb Kirshner and Cyrus Veyssi) who worked hard all year long to strengthen the spirit of their class and to create fun and engaging activities during our bi-weekly Class Meetings.

As I mentioned above, there are many events coming up in the next month, and all of these events can be found on the Nobles calendar. I hope that you join the other teachers and me and encourage your children to finish the year in a positive way and on a strong note in all of their classes and extracurricular activities. In order for you to plan ahead, I have listed the most important dates below:

Spring Musical: May 17-21
Nobles-Milton Weekend: May 27-28
Memorial Day (No school): May 30
Graduation: June 3
Exams: June 6-9
-June 6: English (a.m.) and Classics (p.m.)
-June 7: Science (a.m.)
-June 8: Modern Language (a.m.) and History (p.m.)
-June 9: Math (a.m.)
Final Day of School: June 13

I have enjoyed working with Class III once again this year, and I am eager to see the students become leaders in our community as they transition to being upperclassmen next fall. I look forward to a solid finish to this academic year, and I wish you a safe, healthy, peaceful and fun summer.

Tara Cocozza

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