Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

September 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter September 2013

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The Fall 2013 issue of Nobles magazine is now available. Nobles is the official magazine for the Noble and Greenough School. Nobles includes news and information for faculty, students, alumni and supporters with compelling features on those in the Nobles community.

In the Nobles Fall 2013 issue, the iPad version includes interactive content such as a video of Dean of Enrollment Jen Hines demonstrating a largely unknown talent; Middle School visual arts teacher Lisa Jacobson discussing a new interdisciplinary project; and a musical composition entitled "October" written by Milan Chuttani '14, a piece he performed in Vienna this summer. 

You won't want to miss it. To download the magazine, visit the Mac App Store and search for "Nobles."



The Emergence of EXCEL

Head of School Bob HendersonThis year a faculty committee led by Head of Upper School Ben Snyder and Science Department Chair Jen Craft will be working on the development of the EXCEL program and requirement at Nobles.  EXCEL is the acronym for “Experiential and Community-Engaged Learning.”  This work is following up on a study and discussion by the board of trustees that extended over much of the previous two school years.  Before explaining the emergence of EXCEL, however, a bit of history is in order.
In 1978, former Nobles photography and journalism teacher, Joe Swayze, organized and led what many consider to be the first official Nobles trip.  He and a group of Nobles teachers and students paddled canoes down the length of the Hudson River for several days in the summer.  Nobles teachers had led travel groups prior to this event, but they had done so as private undertakings.  Swayze’s expedition, therefore, is where we generally mark the birth of an experiential education program at Nobles. 
It expanded slowly from that point, remaining largely an entrepreneurial enterprise for various members of the faculty.  Starting in the 1990’s, spurred by the support of former headmaster Dick Baker, and inspired by key members of the faculty including John Gifford and Ben Snyder, the travel program burgeoned.  Over the last decade, the travel program has been more formalized and centrally organized.Last year, over 230 students travelled with the school to locations all around the nation and the globe; most of those trips had a significant service component as part of the agenda.
When Headmaster Ted Gleason arrived at Nobles in 1971, he immediately sought to create a community service program where very little had existed before.  He hired Bill Chamberlin to do this work, and for the first time Nobles students were regularly shuttling out to sites to support various non-profits in surrounding towns and cities. The service program grew slowly but steadily on an entirely voluntary basis through the 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Then, in 1985, an 80-hour community service graduation requirement was approved, and the first class to complete the requirement graduated in 1989. 
In 1998, with the arrival of Community Service Director Sandi MacQuinn, service became ever more integrally part of the basic ethic and function of the school. Today, the vast majority of students graduate with many more hours of service than required.Service is part of the activities of most clubs, varsity teams, and travel opportunities at Nobles.
Over the last two decades, we have seen the emergence and blossoming of a number of other experiential education opportunities, including study-away programs (such as School Year Abroad and the Island School), internships, and senior projects.  As the school undertook its last strategic planning process a few years ago, it was quite clear that experiential learning at Nobles was a uniquely strong component of our overall program, representing both a distinguishing quality and an opportunity for the future. 
The trustees decided to fund experiential education at Nobles so that it is equitably available to all students and so that the program can be staffed appropriately and sustained in perpetuity.  They also created a committee to study experiential education more thoroughly. The committee was chaired by Director of College Counseling Michael Denning and Trustee Gita Iyer. Committee members included trustees, faculty, parents and graduates.  Articulating that experiential learning was critical to our future and the mission of the school, the committee recommended, and the trustees subsequently approved, that all the experiential learning programs be merged into a single concept and one office at Nobles.  From that, the idea of EXCEL was developed.  The trustees’ report concluded, “experiential learning is a must have rather than a nice to have.  In addition to academic skills and knowledge, leaders for the public good today need the attitudes and competencies developed through experiential learning challenges, aand the adolescent years are ideal for learning and developing these skills and values.”
As a result of all this work and thinking over the years, the faculty this year will be developing and making a recommendation to me about what the EXCEL program will become.  It is likely that we will be talking about some form of an EXCEL requirement for graduation in the future rather than simply a community service requirement.  It will also be part of this group’s challenge to integrate effectively the EXCEL philosophy, and EXCEL opportunities, into the overall program of the school.  The intent is also to use EXCEL as an opportunity to enhance, and not diminish, the service ethic of the school.  This will be exciting work, and I am eager to witness the progress and review the outcome later in this school year.  I want to close with the statements of purpose and philosophy for EXCEL developed and approved by the trustees in 2013:
“EXPERIENTIAL AND COMMUNITY ENGAGED LEARNING (EXCEL) is critical to the Nobles mission to motivate students to achieve their highest potential and to inspire leadership for the public good.  EXCEL provides the tools, context and inspiration for each student to discover and pursue his or her passions with confidence, creativity and responsibility.  It is through EXCEL that Nobles best develops citizenship, collaboration, empathy, resilience, appropriate risk-taking and character.  On campus, EXCEL principles are integrated into the academic and afternoon programs.  Off campus, EXCEL principles foster the development and sustenance of over one hundred partnerships for study, service, exploration and community engagement in Greater Boston, across the country and around the world.  Finally, EXCEL strengthens the rigor of the academic program, and it is where we most effectively motivate students to, as our mission says, lead lives characterized by service to others.”

Starting the year – Outcome goals? Process goals? Or both?

Head of Upper School Ben SnyderI love the first few days of a new school year. The students return well rested and with stories to tell such as tales of a a tough boss at their first job, the friends and family they visited, or a good experience they had somewhere out there, in the world. Teachers have reshaped curriculum, recharged their batteries, and are excited about meeting a new group of students as well as reconnecting with advisees and others they’ve worked with in prior years. 
There is great optimism in September. I recall very clearly the conversations around our dinner table as the new school year approached, familiar and noble refrains included: “I know I can do better in English this year,” or “Our team will surely make it to the New England Tournament,” or “I hope I get a role in the musical.” Nobles is a school filled with young people who value achievement, who set high goals for themselves, and who take great pride in what they accomplish. 
When I sit with advisees and discuss their goals for the year, these goals almost always revolve around very specific and measurable outcomes. As an inveterate goal-setter myself, I understand, value, and appreciate how important goal-setting is as one attempts to accomplish something of value. I believe goal-setting is an important thing to learn in adolescence. At Nobles, this “outcome-oriented” approach to goal-setting is one that fits with our culture and reflects the significant talents of our students.
Over the years, I have come to believe that an additional step needs to be taken in the goal-setting process with young people. Too often, both adolescents and adults jump to where they want to go without thinking clearly about how they intend to get there. 
Every year when I go through this process with students, I try to get them to become very specific about the process and the behaviors necessary to achieve their goals. I want students to think about behaviors they can control and the potential impact of those behaviors on the intended outcome and on others. For example, if a student wants to improve their performance in a certain discipline, he or she needs to reflect upon what has gone well or not well in the past. A student should think clearly about what needs to change going forward to change the outcome. Some of this reflection would include questions such as: Do I need to read more actively? Shall I make sure I do every math homework problem, every night? Do I need to plan my homework time better so I can get more sleep and be better prepared for my games/practices/rehearsals? How can I be a better teammate or class member?
When I help young people take these steps, it helps them feel a greater level of control over the outcome they seek. Even more importantly, it provides a way for parents to engage their children in a conversation that is explicitly not about results but about process. 
Sadly, I have plenty of anecdotal and hard data that shows many Nobles students believe their parents care more about the outcome than about the journey and the opportunities of learning and growth a student can achieve in that journey. 
Yes, outcomes are important. Our kids know that. But, as they develop the habits and patterns that will be part of their adult life, they need to know from the adults in their lives that we care about their effort, their attitude, their integrity, and their character as they work towards whatever goals they set. Regardless of the outcome, what they learn about themselves in the process is just as important. 
So, as we begin the school year, I’d encourage you to talk with your children not only about their goals but about how they intend to achieve them.

Foster Gallery Opens with "Many Windows" Exhibition


Foster Gallery is delighted to announce that Boston-based painter Cheryl Warrick will kick off the 2013-2014 gallery season with the exhibition “Many Windows."

The show features richly textured works embedded with images the artist terms ‘archetypes’—easily identifiable visuals that beg endless narrative questions. Warrick’s paintings are about conversations, but the dialogue takes place between images, between the viewer and the work, and between generations and cultures unpacking the same visual information in different ways.  

Like any good conversation, the exchange of ideas is rich and nuanced and the experience of the encounter lingers in one’s mind.  Ideas that seem straightforward at first take on new meaning with each layer of ‘dialogue’ between imagery that is really a series of characters sharing intimate stories, personal and singular to each viewer.  In “Many Windows,” Warrick offers just that—multiple frameworks—to access, understand and interpret the interplay of her multilayered and deceptively complex images.

Warrick will be in the gallery for the opening reception on Thursday, September 12, from 6-8 pm.  She will also visit classes on Friday, September 20, to discuss her work and hold workshops with students. 

For more information about Cheryl Warrick or to see more of her work, please visit her website.

For questions about the show or about Foster Gallery, please contact Gallery Director John Dorsey at



Save the Date - Nobles Yard Sale for Scholarships

The countdown begins. The Nobles Yard Sale for Scholarships will be held October 18-19. All proceeds from the Nobles Yard Sale will go towards Nobles scholarships. All leftover items will be donated to local charities. 

How can you help?
On Wednesday, September 11, there will be a Nobles Yard Sale meeting immediately following the PA meeting, in the Castle. Lots of volunteers are needed in order to make this event a success. This is a fantastic way to meet other Nobles parents and to become involved in the community. Please join us to help plan this event.
The donations drive will start at the Omni Rink, Monday, October 8, until Thursday, October 17. We will gratefully accept items that are clean and in good condition. Donations are needed in the following categories: books, clothing, small electronics, furniture, housewares, luggage, sports equipment and toys. 
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact the Yard Sale Co-chairs, Connie Dawson at or Suzanne Vocatura at

Bite the Bullet

Provost Bill Bussey During my first year at Nobles, I ran into a Class I girl at a local convenience store. I had gotten to know her well, and we chatted amicably at the counter. As we parted ways, she said, "So, you're not going to bust me?" I didn't know what she was talking about until I realized that she was off-campus during the academic day without permission. I paused and replied, "Um, yes, I am afraid I do have to bust you." And she looked at me dead in the eye and said, "I thought you were cool." I responded the only way I could: "No, I'm not cool." I'd be lying if I said that admission didn't kill my young ego a little bit. Yet, I was also experienced enough to know that if I was to have any credibility among the student body and my peers, whether I wanted to or not, I had to do what I had to do.
In early August, Ben Snyder passed on to you Lisa Damour's New York Times essay "Don't Make Your Children the Exception to Every Rule." If somehow you didn't get around to reading it, drop what you are doing and read it now. Ms. Damour writes that "research on well-being—the outcome closest to happiness that psychologists will promise—centers on three core factors: health, relationships and a sense of mastery in one's chosen pursuits." But, here's the point she makes that I believe is crucial for every parent and faculty member to understand as we start the new school year, "It turns out that adult happiness doesn't arise from parents bending the rules to a child's advantage; it comes from children learning the rules and conforming to them."
The parents who repeatedly bend the "little" rules and allow their children to sleep in late during long assemblies or slide out of afternoon commitments are doing their children and those of us who work here no favors. Running interference for your children not only undermines your child's relationship with the school, but it also erodes the one crucial quality for future success in all areas of life: resilience. 
As a parent and someone who has been at this for over 30 years, I understand that sometimes kids can just wear us down, and for our own sanity, we throw in the towel. There are also important situations in which an exception is the right and compassionate way to go. But, I also know that once we start regularly bending the rules or choosing which ones are worthy, it's like a rock rolling down a hill. We just can't stop. And our children, at a crucial stage in their own moral development, pick up and take advantage of our biases and inconsistencies. Is it any wonder that some of our children approach laws, obligations and rules as if they are condiments at a beachside buffet? It is learned behavior. It is the gateway to future complications and heartache. It is often an avoidable path.
The alternative to having a harmonious relationship with your child is not an appetizing one. Yet, if you want to increase the odds of your child being a happy, resilient, and conscientious adult, you have to bite the bullet now. Be the adult and the parent that you signed up to be, not the "best bud" to your children and their friends. It only takes a handful of "cool" parents, who often unwittingly place their own emotional needs above all else, or "helicopter" parents, who must control every outcome, to create social chasms between students and undermine faculty relationships with kids. We have always done our best to address these situations in a manner that allows everyone to maintain their dignity, learn from the situation, and get on with their life. For the well-being of all who walk through our halls, we will not hesitate to address any and all behavioral issues head on.
If the above seems a bit direct, please know this: I believe with all my heart that Nobles has the most grounded and cooperative student and parent body that I could ever hope to know. There is a vibe here that I have never found anywhere else. There's not a day that has gone by in all my time here that I haven't thanked my lucky stars for being a part of something so magical. The hard questions and gut-checks that I lay out for all are ones that I, too, wrestle and agonize over on a weekly basis. As a long-term employee and the father of two current students, I have gained great insight and solace from colleagues and parents as to how best to navigate the inevitable and the unexpected. This campus has been a wonderful to place to learn, to fail mightily, and to rise again. We are here for you; thank you for being there for all of us.

Mark Your Calendar: Grandparents Day, Friday, September 27


Volunteer Needed.....

Grandparents Day is Friday, September 27, and we need lots of parent volunteers to make this event a success! This is a fantastic way to meet other Nobles parents and become involved in the community.  

We are looking for volunteers to help serve lunch, assist with registration, help our photographers, help serve refreshments and provide general assistance to our visiting grandparents.

Register now to volunteer.

When signing up, select a specific task and time. Then enter your email address and a password. At anytime, you can go back and view the schedule and make changes or deletions as necessary. 

If you need help or have any questions feel free to contact us: Nicola DiFelice at or Suzanne Montgomery at


Photo of the Day

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2013 Cora Hidalgo Holland Award

Welcome from the PA Co-Chairs

Parents' Association Co-Chairs, Rikki Conley, Dana DeangelisWelcome to the 2013-14 school year! 
We hope you’ll join us as we kick off the school year on Saturday, September 7, with a Parents’ Back-to-School Social. The social is a casual and relaxing way for new and returning parents to meet one another and a great way to reacquaint with old friends. It is sure to be a spirited evening.
All Nobles parents and guardians are automatically members of the Nobles Parents’ Association (PA). The PA plays many roles at Nobles, but most importantly it is our goal to help Nobles families feel welcomed and integral to the everyday workings of our school. We encourage you to take advantage of the myriad opportunities for parental involvement at Nobles—they are a great way to carve out your own relationship with the place that very quickly becomes a second home to your children.
Whether you have lots of time or just a little, there are volunteer opportunities at Nobles for all. To find your niche, log in to the Nobles website. You will need your username and password that all families received in an email from the school. For returning families, your usernames and passwords remain the same. 
To log in, either click "Log In" in the dark blue header or click “Nobles Community” (top right hand corner) and then “Parents." If you have any problems logging in, please contact ISS via email at
You will see many volunteer opportunities in the "Volunteer at Nobles" section. To sign up as a volunteer, you will be able to download or submit forms. 
The fall at Nobles is bustling with activity. To find out more, please read your respective Parent Class Representatives’ letters in the Class Notes section of this monthly e-newsletter. Also, each week, Upper School parents receive a Friday email from Judith Merritt and Middle School parents receive a Wednesday email from Maryanne MacDonald with news and reminders for the week. Finally, get in the habit of checking the Nobles website daily for Afternoon Program news, athletic schedules, updates to the school calendar, etc.
As you plan your fall schedule, save these dates on your calendar:
Parents’ Association Meeting - Wednesday, September 11 at 8 a.m.
Please join us for our first Parents’ Association meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 11, at 8 a.m., in the Castle Library. You will learn about the PA’s parent outings, ask questions about the upcoming year, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with old and new friends. We hope you can come!
Second Annual Three Squares New England Ride for Food - Sunday, September 15
Calling all bike riders! The Second Annual Three Squares New England Ride for Food will be held on Sunday, September 15. The Ride will start and end at Nobles. Riders have a choice of a 12-, 25- or 50-mile ride.
Teams will be riding for organizations of their choice. Please consider joining the Nobles team or one of the teams representing Cambridge, Dedham, Jamaica Plain, A Place To Turn (Metrowest), Needham, Open Table (Concord/Maynard), Wellesley, Westwood, or the Ride for Food Team. Register online at  Three Squares New England  or support one of our registered riders. Hope to see you there!
Mark your calendar with these other key dates:
Back to School Night - Thursday, September 19, 6:00-9:30 p.m.
You will have the opportunity to experience your child’s school day in an abbreviated form.
Grandparents Day – Friday, September 27
This is a wonderful day that spans the ages. Volunteer and you will be able to experience the true joys of the sandwich generation; just fill out the Grandparents Day volunteer form in the Parents section of the website.
With warmest regards,
Parents’ Association Co-Chairs

Middle School Notes

Welcome to the 2013-2014 academic year!

As always, the beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for students, faculty and parents. Just as the kids are getting settled into their classes and the routines on campus, Nobles and the Parent Association will be offering many activities for parents to connect and get involved, including social events and a broad range of volunteer opportunities. 
It is a busy time and there are many events you won’t want to miss. Keeping track of all that’s happening at Nobles is greatly helped by the weekly Wednesday Middle School email. You will receive this email from Maryanne MacDonald, and it includes notices and upcoming calendar items. In addition, you will receive this monthly e-newsletter, which includes notes from the faculty, PA chairs and class parent representatives. 
As your Middle School parent reps, we will be organizing our parent events as well as coordinating volunteer opportunities. Not only is your help incredibly important, you will find volunteering a great way to meet other parents, teachers and classmates of your children. Please take a minute to head to the password-protected Parents’ Section of the Nobles’ website to see a listing of volunteer events. 
You can sign up to volunteer online at the Nobles website. Click on “Nobles Community,” and click "Parents" to log in. Click “Volunteer at Nobles” in the left hand navigation bar—there is a Middle School page as well as school-wide pages. 
Below are the Middle School calendar highlights for September. You may also want to mark two additional events on your calendar: the Parent/Faculty Night on Tuesday, October 1, featuring author Wendy Mogul, and the Middle School Parent Social on the evening of Friday, October 4, in the Castle.
Middle School Events in September
  • Tuesday, September 3 – Class V and VI Retreat Day (dismissal at 3:30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, September 4 – Class V and VI Retreat Day (dismissal at 3:30 p.m.)
  • Thursday, September 5 – Rosh Hashana, School Closed
  • Friday, September 6 – Middle School classes begin; Afternoon Program begins
  • Saturday, September 7 – Parent Fall Social at 6:30 p.m. in the Castle Dining Hall
  • Wednesday, September 11 – Parent Association meeting at 8 a.m. in the Castle Library
  • Thursday, September 19 – Back to School Night at 6 p.m.
We look forward to seeing returning parents and meeting new families over the next few weeks. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if we can provide additional information.
Class V Reps
Class VI Reps

Class III Notes

Dear Class III parents,
We hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful summer, and that you are refreshed and ready for what will certainly be an exciting year for our sophomores. We are your Class III Parent Representatives, and we look forward to working with you this year. A special welcome to the new families joining the class this year!
Listed below are some important school events for September and Class III dates for this fall. Several of these events need parent volunteers and we encourage you to get involved. You can sign up on the Nobles website, by logging in at and accessing the volunteer forms, which can be found under the Parent Section after clicking on the Nobles Community.
Class III Retreat - September 3, 9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Drop off and pick up at Shattuck
Parents' Association Fall Social - Saturday, September 7, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Arts Center
Parents' Association Meeting - Wednesday, September 11, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Location: Castle Library
Back-to-School Night - Thursday, September 19, 6:15 - 9:00 pm
Grandparents' Day - Friday, September 27
Class III Fall Social - Saturday, October 19, 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Location: Castle
Class III Parent Coffee - Friday, December 6, 8:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Castle Library
We look forward to a great year, and please let either of us know if you have any questions!
Class III Parent Reps 
Elizabeth Orgel
Betsy Edie

Class IV Notes

Welcome Class IV Parents,
Let us be the first to welcome you to Class IV at Nobles!  We would like to extend a special warm welcome to all the new families joining this wonderful community.  
We are very excited about our role as Class IV Representatives. We are looking forward to getting to know you and working with you throughout the year.
Part of our job is to ensure that parents get to know one another. This can be accomplished in a number of ways:  attending Parents' Association (PA) meetings, parent coffees and socials, volunteering in any way that suits you, or attending any of the many school events.  
We highly recommend that you attend the first all-school Parent Social on Saturday, September 7. This is a wonderful event and terrific way to meet other parents.
During the first month of school, sign-up sheets for volunteering will be available at the first PA meeting, Back-To-School Night and the first Class IV coffee on Wednesday, October 2, in the Castle. Please feel free to contact us any time during the year with ideas, suggestions and questions.
Below is a schedule of the first few important school and Class IV events. We encourage you to check the Nobles website regularly for additional happenings at the school throughout the year.
Tuesday, September 3 - School starts, Class IV Retreat, 9:15 am - 7:30 pm
Saturday, September 7 - Parents' Association Fall Social, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Wednesday, September 11 - Parents' Association (PA) meeting, on campus, 8 - 9:30 a.m.
Saturday, September 14 - Yom Kippur, No school
Thursday, September 19 - Back to School Night, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Friday, September 27 - Grandparents Day
We look forward to meeting you within the next few weeks and again, welcome to all the Class IV families.
Class IV Parent Reps

Class II Notes

Dear Class II Parents and Friends,
We hope everyone has enjoyed a fun and relaxing summer. Junior year is exciting, but sometimes taxing for both students and parents — together we can make the best of it and we welcome you all to the new school year!  We hope you participate in events planned and we will do our best to communicate upcoming events. We are in good hands with the faculty and staff at Nobles, but we also can help each other out during this important year for your students.
As you plan your fall schedule, be sure to put these dates on your calendar:
Class II Parent Coffee - Thursday, October 3, 8:15 a.m.   
Tentatively scheduled to be held in the Castle.  Please join us to reconnect with fellow parents and hear about our plans for the year.  We'll have signup sheets for some Class II volunteer opportunities.
Class II Parent Social - Saturday, November 22, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Join other Class II parents for an evening of cocktails and conversation! Socials are held on campus, and we will be in touch with the details at a later date.  Please contact either of us if you are interested in learning more or would like to help plan the event.
Our role as Class II reps includes strengthening connections between parents, serving as a liaison to the school, and providing support to our students.  If you have any suggestions or ideas for gatherings, coffees, etc., please share them with us.  We look forward to a great year!
Class II Parent Reps
Nicole Zungoli Stimpson
Karen S. Conway

Greetings from the Service Office

Newsletter CoverAs summer draws to a close, many of us are using the last days before classes begin to make sure that all is ready for your sons and daughters to return and begin the year. 
We are currently receiving evaluations and journals from students who spent part of their summer volunteering at many worthy organizations. It might be a great time for you to check in with this effort from your own kids since once the busy fall season begins, time to reflect on summer's experiences begins to fade. Service journals only really matter to youngsters (and do the cognitive work they are designed for) when they are written close to the time of the actual experience. 
We are hearing from many students who during these summer months shared their time, talent, and energy helping organizations and people in need. We would love to hear about their experiences and give students in the upper school credit towards completion of their service requirement. 
To receive credit towards the service requirement, here is a quick review of what needs to happen.
  • The hours should have been done at a not-for-profit organization that uses volunteers to complete their work.
  • Students should give their supervisors an evaluation form that will document and confirm their hours. This form can be found on the Nobles website.
  • The last piece is their written reflection. The written reflection includes six journal entries. Journal entries should be typed, one and a half double-spaces. Journal entries are due as soon as the service ends. They should be sent via email to Linda Hurley or to Sandra MacQuinn.
Paperwork for summer service should be completed and submitted by Friday, September 20
Students are encouraged to share their experiences with others in assembly, class assembly or group advisor meetings. Please encourage your son/daughter to stop by our office or send an email if they have any questions.
Last year, the Nobles community sponsored more than 80 all-school service initiatives. As of this date, many initiatives and events are in the planning stages for the upcoming year. We will be communicating information and dates by email, on the school website and the service blog.
Your children are experiencing the joy of service to others in classes, clubs and organizations, their sports teams, in afternoon programs and with you, as a family. This infuses our life together as a community with purpose and connection to wonderful people all over the world who are "doing good."
You are especially invited to participate in four events happening in September.
Saturday, September 7 - Michelle Dufault 5K Race
This race is a benefit for Girls On the Run. Come and support the walk-run held on the Nobles campus. $15 entry fee. For more information, contact Mark Sheeran. 
Sunday, September 15 - 2nd Annual "Ride For Food"
A charity bicycle ride to support eight local food pantries. The ride begins and ends at Nobles. Riders and volunteers are welcome.
Saturday, Septmber 21 - Ellie Bloom Special Olympics at DeFazio Field in Needham
Volunteers are welcome. Every fall, athletes of all ages and abilities come together to participate in the Ellie Bloom Olympics, a day of fun and challenging track and field events. Individuals compete in running and wheelchair dashes, tennis/softball throws, ring tosses, relay races, frisbee throws and walks and go home with many well-deserved medals. Nobles students will work with the Charles River Center on this event. For more information, email Bryan Huynh
September 30-October 4 - Middle School Athletic Team Food Drive 
This food drive will benefit local food pantries. You will be hearing more about this from Nobles MS Coaches as the event nears. This is the kickoff of the athletics theme for this year which is about food insecurity in our own area. 
We look forward to another year of embodying our central purpose: "serving others, challenging ourselves." 

Class I Notes

Dear Fellow Class I Parents,
Wow—can you believe summer is over and our students are beginning their 
last year at Nobles? We are planning many terrific events and activities 
for this year and can’t wait to get things started. We even have something 
planned for the very first day the students return. 
Our goal for the year is to include all the Class I students and every parent 
who wishes to participate. We hope all of you will join us in making this an 
exciting and memorable year for the Class of 2014. Here are the Class I 
Events you may want to note in your calendars:
Grab 'n Go Breakfast - Tuesday, September 3
Before boarding retreat bus
Surprise Breakfast - Thursday, September 12
Parent Social at the Castle - Saturday, September 21
Planning Meeting Class I Events - Thursday, October 3
Halloween Surprise Lunch - Thursday, October 31
Treats for Last Nobles Exams - December, TBA
Parent Winter Breakfast - Friday, January 17
Valentine’s Surprise Dessert - Friday, February 14
Class I Surprise Lunch - Friday, April 4
Parent Dinner - Friday, May 16 or Saturday, May 17
The Way We Were - Tuesday, May 27, (Mid Day)
Class I Project Night - Tuesday, May 27 
Class I Night - Wednesday, May 28 
Awards Night - Thursday, May 29
GRADUATION - Friday, May 30 (correction)
Graduation Party - Friday, May 30 
We will be working closely with Class I Deans Meg Hamilton and Mike Herring to keep you informed of upcoming activities and ways to be involved. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by email or by logging in and filling out the volunteer form online. We very much look forward to a busy and fulfilling year as your parent representatives, and hope to see you soon.


Class I Parent Reps

Class I Deans' Report

Welcome back!
We hope that you had a wonderful summer and that you are ready to start a new school year. Having both taught this class in HHC and United States History, we find it hard to believe that they are now about to start their final year at Nobles. 
As Class I co-deans, we are excited for the upcoming school year and all that awaits. We both had fulfilling summers. Meghan had her second child in the beginning of May, so she spent much of the summer on maternity leave spending time with her two boys. In addition, Michael had a revigorating summer caddying on the golf course in addition to coaching. We both feel refreshed to start the new school year and to help the seniors set the tone as the new leaders of the Nobles community. 
Earlier this week, we helped students kick-off their senior year at the annual retreat held at Camp Bournedale. Every year, the goal of the retreat is to give students time to reconnect with their classmates after the summer, enjoy time with each other, and help them think about their goals for the upcoming school year.
Students engaged in a successful program that focused around the theme “Telling Our Stories.” By sharing their stories, we believe that students learn more about one another; and as a result, they build stronger relationships and become even better leaders. In addition to the stories, we provided time for students to set personal goals for the school year. Also, the college office gave a presentation of the “Nuts and Bolts of the College Application Process.” We even added the first-ever Class I bocce tournament to the day’s itinerary. It was a packed schedule, but there was plenty of time for them to hang out, relax, and have fun before the busy fall begins. 
Class I has many new things about which to be excited. In just a few short days, they will have a fresh schedule, a line-up of different teachers with higher expectations, an altered assembly seat, and new leadership roles to assume. With everything new comes some anxiety , we can all agree that this fall will be quite stressful at times for our Seniors as they balance their academic, extracurricular and social commitments with the foreign terrain of the college application process. Because all that comes with senior year can be daunting, we want to remind you that all of Class I will be well supported. Throughout the fall, a good portion of class meetings will be dedicated to helping them stay on task. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call one of us, the college counseling office or the student life team.
We would also like to give a big thank you to the Class I parent representatives: Beth Schlager, Addie Swartz and Hillary von Schroeter. They have already been busy planning for the year ahead. They will be in touch with you soon about upcoming senior events.
Finally, if not before then, we look forward to seeing you at Back-to-School Night on Thursday, September 19. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this dynamic, creative and very talented Senior Class. 
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