Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter October 2013


The Importance of Accountability

Over the summer, I found myself caught up in ESPN’s series of documentaries, "Nine for IX". In August, "Pat XO", a film about former Tennessee women’s basketball coach, Pat Summitt, aired. 

As I watched, I was struck by one player’s interview in particular. She shared vivid stories of Coach Summitt tearing into her during a time-out after she had done something wrong in a playoff game against an SEC rival. 

Her visceral description of that experience struck a chord. In the same breath, she spoke of Coach Summitt’s unconditional love for the team and her desire to care for the players as if they were her family. So strong was the former player’s admiration and respect for Summitt that it was palpable twenty years after she had graduated. 


Two Conflicting Truths

After greeting the parents of the students in my Vietnam elective on Back-to-School Night each year I begin my presentation by saying, “…one of my primary goals this semester is to confuse your children.” 

Inevitably, I get a series of quizzical looks conveying, “…but aren’t Nobles teachers supposed to make important topics and concepts clear to kids in an interesting way?” 

My response is that both history and life are complex.  In both, it is possible and common for conflicting truths to exist in the same time and space – and that I want my students to learn how to wrestle with those conundrums.


Should We All Grow Beards?

I may run the risk of losing half my audience (down to three!) if I start this school year with a sports metaphor. But I can’t help but be inspired by the hometown team.  In 2012, the Boston Red Sox had proven superstars on the roster. Players who had won pivotal World Series games and Cy Young awards, secured stolen base titles and earned all-star appearances many times over.

The manager of the Red Sox was thought by many of as having a “superior baseball mind.” He had brought the New York Mets to the World Series. In 2012, the Sox had the third highest payroll in baseball. And…they finished last in the American League East standings. In all of baseball history, only five teams had lost more games.

From the PA Co-Chairs

We trust that everyone is settling into the routine of this new school year. September was a busy month for the PA, with a very successful all-school parents’ social, a great kickoff meeting, several individual class events, and the introduction of a Monday morning PA walking group.


Class Notes

Find out what's going on and how to become involved with your student's class. Click to access your class:

Class Deans' Corner

Class II Dean's Report


Afternoon Program Food Initiative Begins in October

In a joint and all-school effort, the afternoon programs of Athletics, Community Service and Performing and Visual Arts begin working on local food insecurity this month, following the successful Three Squares Ride for Food on Sept. 15 which earned $113,000 for eight local food pantries. 


The Debut of the Social Media Aggregator.

Have you seen the digital version of The Bulletin?

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The Studies Show: The Myth of Multitasking

Listen to the latest "The Studies Show" podcast by Nobles Learning Specialists Gia Batty and Sara Masucci. 

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Nobles Yard Sale: The Countdown Begins

The Nobles Yard Sale is almost here. We need volunteers!

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Nobles Theatre Collective

Greetings from the Nobles Theatre Collective.  We hope you had a great summer and we extend a warm welcome to our new families. 

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Save the Date! Nobles Night is on Sat., Nov. 16.

Nobles Night is an annual celebration involving parents, graduates and friends of Nobles. 

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Middle School Counseling Services

It is a pleasure to get to know the new crop of middle school students this year! This is my thirteenth year at Nobles. Each fall, I try to come up with new ways to lower any stigma that might exist around counseling.

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News from the Foster Gallery

Saturday, Oct. 5 marks the final day of Cheryl Warrick’s “Many Windows,”  an exhibition of paintings which has been a great hit among  the community.  

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