Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter October 2013

Middle School Counseling Services

It is a pleasure to get to know the new crop of middle school students this year! This is my 13th year at Nobles. Each fall, I try to come up with new ways to lower any stigma that might exist around counseling.

It can be so beneficial for students to have another trusted adult with whom they can talk during difficult or stressful times. If students can get to know their school counselor under ordinary circumstances. Then, if anything more serious ever comes up, they will feel more comfortable reaching out for support.  

I keep my office open (with a large and well-stocked candy bowl!) whenever possible so that students can stop by inbetween classes just to chat.  I also run a handful of pizza lunch groups including: a family discussion group, a concussion discussion group, a group for students whose parents work at Nobles, and various 'ice cream lunches' with topics varying from favorite books to having siblings away at college.  There is also a girls' discussion group, co-led by school nurse Trish Koningisor, that meets during X block.  This year, my goal is to meet with every new middle school student at least once.

Parents frequently ask me if they will know when their child meets with me or attends one of my groups.  Most often I try to keep the meetings confidential, but sometimes kids come home and tell their parents about it.  I will call home if the student agrees that there is an issue they want their parents to know about or to help them with. I will always call home if there is any kind of safety issue that needs to be addressed. 

Most often kids come on their own to talk. Sometimes advisors will suggest a meeting and if the student is comfortable with the idea, I will reach out to him or her.  I also frequently get phone calls or emails from concerned parents who would like me to check in with their child.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to talk about your child, the counseling services offered in the middle school, or about the Personal Development program.

I am at Nobles Tuesdays through Thursdays and can be reached at 781-320-7073 or via email at


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