Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

October 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter October 2013

News from the Foster Gallery

Saturday, Oct. 5 marks the final day of Cheryl Warrick’s “Many Windows,”  an exhibition of paintings which has been a great hit among  the community.  On Saturday, students in the Achieve Program will work in the gallery while the artist speaks to them via video.  The event caps off a series of interactions between Warrick and student groups, including Modern Language, English and visual arts students.

Next up in Foster is “Tracing Movement: Human/Machine”   Subtitled “an exploration in drawing,” the installation will juxtapose the look and feel of marks made by humans against those made by a machine, showcasing the images produced by dancers in Jillian Grunnah’s Advanced Dance Ensemble and by robots made in Dominic Manzo’s Robotics course.  Drawings generated by both humans and machines will be on view in the gallery from Oct. 21 - Nov. 1. Showtimes for dance and robot performances will be posted on the Nobles’ web site.

Foster Gallery is also delighted to have Artist in Residence Janice Jakielski, whose show will open the second week of November, continuing to forge relationships with students. Jakielski met with Class VI and V on Wednesday to introduce herself and her work and has met with Advanced Placement studio students to discuss her process.  Janice has open studio hours on Wednesday and Friday mornings and looks forward to creating work in conjunction with and in reaction to the members of the Nobles’ community. 

For those of you who haven’t seen this great link, please check out the work of John Cabrera ’14, which was selected as Editor’s pick in the New York Times’ Hometown Photography Project.



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