Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

November 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter November 2013

Interview Season has Begun at Nobles by Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Hines

As Nobles ambassadors, you have great influence in your communities. If you know students who are applying to Nobles this year, can you help ease their anxiety about the process?

As you know, we require every student who wants to enter the upper school to interview from late September into early February. I want to help students approach the interview as a conversation rather than torment. At its best, an interview is a conversation with a prospective student about who they are and what is important to them. After nearly 20 years of interviewing both independent school and college applicants, I believe it helps when I can reduce students’ anxiety. I tell students that the 30 minutes we spend together can highlight what they care most about and have already shared through their other application materials.

The difference between the application and the conversation, I tell them, is that what they share in the interview is in their own voice with interpretation, analysis and context that I can’t get from a piece of paper.  I love it when you can tell that a kid is coming to a fresh conclusion about some aspect of their life that they haven’t considered before—the times when you know that as an interviewer you have asked just the right question at just the right time. It is magical when you witness a young person experiencing an epiphany.

As parents at Nobles, you are likely to get questions from folks who know of your connection to the school and your familiarity with the process. Here’s some information that can help me help you help them.

1. The Fall and Winter Open Houses – I imagine many of you attended these events when you were considering Nobles as an option for your family. It’s a great way to get an overview of the school and our programs without the “pressure” of the interview or group activity session.  The dates this year are Saturday, Oct. 19, from 9 a.m.– noon and Tuesday, Dec. 10, from 6:30-9 p.m.  No RSVP is necessary.

2. Evening Receptions for Parents – We host a series of these events to give prospective parents an opportunity to hear from Bob Henderson and a panel of Nobles students. The agenda for these events is open, which gives the parents in attendance an opportunity to ask any questions they like. Our dates for these receptions are Nov. 13, Dec.16 and Jan. 7.  Please have prospective families contact the admission office for more information.

Any other questions—from future Nobles families or otherwise—feel free to drop me an email.


Jen Hines, Dean of Enrollment

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