Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

December 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter December 2013

Class IV Dean's Report

Transitions and Thanksgiving

Fall is in the air. So, too, is winter. I awoke yesterday to the first snowfall piling gently atop a carpet of resplendent yellow leaves. The change of seasons is a refreshing mix of things past (splashes of colorful leaves furiously dropping) and things  to come (the brisk winter chill now in the air).

Transitions color the Class IV year. Many students began in September with a transition to the Upper School, to a new culture, to new classes, and to new groups of friends.
Orientations, retreats, and social events helped to further the bonds that students forge organically through time spent in the classroom, the alcoves, the Castle, and extracurricular activities. Our hope is that Class IV students now feel comfortable in their new environment, and that they have a handle on how (and with whom) to navigate the academic and social aspects of daily life here at Nobles.

We have come to a point to reflect on the challenges and triumphs of the first quarter. Students have had discussions with advisers about first quarter indicator grades, and many have set goals for the coming semester. As the fall season wraps up, students are able to step back a bit and see the progress made on the fields, on the stage, or in the community.

We also find ourselves in need of renewed energy. The sunlight may be fading, but a host of new opportunities awaits on the horizon. I encourage all Class IV students to approach new activities of the winter season with vigor, in order to explore new interests and push themselves to greater levels of achievement and reward. Audition for the play, give a new sport a try, go lend a helping hand.

Finally, we are entering a time to reflect on that for which we are thankful. I am thankful for a nearly flawless fall season. I am thankful for another great group of Class IV students. I am thankful for the sparks of inspiration and leadership that I see everyday in the classrooms and hallways. I am thankful, too, for the days of rest that allow time to spend with family and to reflect on the many new experiences that fall and winter bring.

Please accept my best wishes for the holiday season!

Dave Ulrich
Class IV Dean

10 Campus Drive,
Dedham, Massachusetts
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