Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

December 2013

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter December 2013

Stress Management at Nobles by Jennifer Hamilton, School Psychologist/ Licensed Educational Psychologist

Here's the thing about Nobles that prospective parents won't learn from reading Boston Magazine or US News rankings:  While Nobles is a "10" out of "10" for academic rigor, it's an "11" for emotional support. Nobles' true commitment to the welfare of the "whole child" comes from the top down. This is evidenced by the fact that we have three school counselors, a consulting psychologist, and two nurses who are intimately aware that often physical ailments are caused by stress and anxiety. Our advising system acts as a safety net so that kids who might be struggling academically, socially, or otherwise, will not go unnoticed. Advisors often act as the frontline of counseling services at Nobles, and they do not hesitate to suggest setting up a quick or casual meeting.

Our main goal in the counseling offices is to help put supports in place during stressful or difficult times. To facilitate that goal it is important to reduce any stigma that may surround the idea of talking to a counselor or psychologist. This is true not only for students but also for parents. We try to achieve this by keeping our doors opened whenever possible and encouraging students to drop in when things are going fine, so that later if a problem arises they will have already made a connection.  We run many lunch groups with discussion topics including coping with stress, family issues, recovering from concussions and having siblings away at college.

If your child comes home and says he or she has met with a school counselor or attended a counseling lunch group, please don't be alarmed. It doesn't necessarily mean something is "wrong."  Nobles has trained professionals on staff both for serious issues and for more casual meetings; frequently, kids come by just to chat and get to know us so that if they do become anxious or stressed in the future, they will know who to turn to.

If you would like to talk more about the counseling services offered at Nobles or have ideas on how we as a community can further support students, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at, Mark Spence at or Mary Batty at

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