Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

January 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter January 2014


The New Space by Head of School Bob Henderson

When I arrived at Nobles in the fall of 2000, one of the first institutional mantras I encountered was that “program drives development.” At that time in the school’s history the Morrison Athletic Center (the MAC) was almost complete, and it formally opened in the winter of that school year. Over the previous decade, Nobles, under Dick Baker’s inspired leadership, had provided new facilities for science, the middle school and visual arts. The Shattuck Schoolhouse also had been completely renovated. Every one of those projects was guided by the above mantra; excellence and burgeoning needs necessitated reconceiving and reconstructing facilities. In each instance, driven by the demands of program, appeal was made to the extended Nobles community and the outcome was a transformed campus, far better suited to the support of students and teachers and their educational objectives. I took this lesson to heart, and program has continued to drive development through the years of my headship.


A New Year’s Resolution by Head of Upper School Ben Snyder

When I was a boy, my parents were sticklers for thank-you notes.  I had to write a thank- you note for Jamie’s birthday party. I had to write a thank-you note for the ugly tie my Dutch uncle sent from Holland. I had to write a thank-you note to my Sunday school teacher each year.


Dear Google Apps: A Love Letter from the Learning Specialist

Dear Google Apps,

I love you.

I am writing you a love letter and it is automatically saving as I type it. I know this because, as my fingers glide across my keyboard, the word “Saving” gently flashes at the top of my screen, and then, when I stop typing, I see the comforting reminder, “All changes saved in Drive.” This is just one of the reasons why I love you.


Provost Bill Bussey, To My Favorite 17-Year-Old High School Girl

Back in 2011, I had the pleasure of sitting next to poet Billy Collins at the Harvard Bookstore for a reading from what was then his latest publication Horoscopes from the Dead. A decade earlier, Collins had spoken at Nobles two weeks after 9/11. We spoke for a couple minutes prior to him taking the lectern. When I mentioned Nobles, he perked up politely. I am sure that his many appearances blur together, but his presence and poetry at Nobles during that time brought needed comfort to this community. I will always have a soft spot for Billy Collins, the person and poet.

From the PA Co-Chairs

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a relaxing break. Fri. evening, Jan. 10, is the annual Nobles/Cotting School basketball game, being held this year at the Cotting School. It is the sixth annual contest between Nobles girls’ varsity basketball and Cotting School players. It is a great event with food, fun and lots of action on the court. We hope you will come and cheer on the players!


Class Notes

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Class Deans' Corner

Class I Deans' Report


Family First from the Community Service Office

This year my family chose an incongruous kind of picture for the front of our
holiday card. My eight year old sits in a tiny plastic kayak, sun browned and grinning, looking for all the world as though he had just transmigrated the globe in it. It was not the whole family, and it was not a posed photo taken carefully one October day when the light was just right. But it was a memory of a perfect day, when our family was together and feeling pretty wonderful about that, so we decided on it. For us, it was the quintessential photo of our motto "family first.


Be a New Family Host!

We are looking for Nobles families currently in grades 7-11.

The Admissions Office, in partnership with the Parents' Association, is looking for host families for incoming fall 2014 families new to Nobles.

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Nobles Theatre Collective

Greetings from the Nobles Theatre Collective (NTC). We hope you had a relaxing winter break and wish you a very happy new year.

Please join us for the Jan. 30 production. Featuring the work of five of the NTC’s most capable and accomplished students – our senior directors – this production of five short plays is sure to entertain and delight audiences.

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