Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

January 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter January 2014

Family First from the Community Service Office

This year my family chose an incongruous kind of picture for the front of our
holiday card. My eight year old sits in a tiny plastic kayak, sun browned and grinning, looking for all the world as though he had just transmigrated the globe in it. It was not the whole family, and it was not a posed photo taken carefully one October day when the light was just right. But it was a memory of a perfect day, when our family was together and feeling pretty wonderful about that, so we decided on it. For us, it was the quintessential photo of our motto "family first.

            This January 20, we will again put our core family value at the forefront, and we will again do it "our way." Since it is a day off from school to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, Nobles will again be hosting some service work as a tribute to him. Our family will use this day to be together, and we will do it by making blankets at the MAC for the victims of the recent hurricane in the Midwest, and by serving at some local food pantries that Nobles has been supporting all year.

            Mrs. Hurley and I have planned some very easy ways to grab some family time for you too, if this kind of family togetherness sounds like something you would like to make part of your family's day. What better way to impart values of kindness and show some leadership for the public good than to carve out some great family memories helping the homeless be less cold  and hungry this winter?

If you would like to be part of this event, it is easy to register. Please fill out the registration form.

Email the form back to We will get you set up for your hours and assignment of choice, and as you look back on what days of the year you want to treasure as a great family day--(Hey! Maybe your next holiday card picture could be found here!?) this might be one of them.

            Hope to hear from you! And Happy New Year.....
                                    Sandra and Linda

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