Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter

February 2014

Nobles Parents' E-Newsletter February 2014


Teaching Students Balance by Ben Snyder, Head of Upper School

Sundays for Nobles teachers and students are different than Sundays for most in America. While many attend religious services, sleep late, savor Sunday newspapers, linger over another cup of coffee or line up sporting events to watch, Nobles teachers and students have plenty of work to do as well: preparing for classes and tests, correcting (or writing) papers or catching up on work missed in the previous week.


This Can't be Normal! by Jen Hamilton, School Psychologist/ Licensed Educational Psychologist

I can't properly express how often I get calls from concerned parents who feel that their young teen's behavior is simply not normal. 

"Why does my son lock himself into his room all of the time?"

"She won't talk to me in the car anymore, she just puts her headphones on and ignores me!"

"Why does he use such a rude and sarcastic tone with me or just give one-word answers when I ask about his day?"

"My daughter seems disgusted with me all of the time... we used to be so close!"

Parents worry that their children have become depressed, belligerent, or anti-social and they are often shocked to hear that actually their kids are delightful at school! 


Benchmarks for Healthy Adolescent Social and Emotional Development by Kate Ramsdell, Interim Dean of Students

In 2004, when I was a Class I Dean, we embarked on a review of the Class I and II years. For 18 months, a group of faculty studied the latter half of the Nobles experience, and we finished by offering recommendations to the school about how we might make changes to our program in response to our own sense of mission, the changing needs of our increasingly diverse student population, and the shifting landscape in post-secondary education. Some of these recommendations actually continue to shape the Nobles program today.


Revisiting "The Eye of the Storm" by John Gifford, Head of Middle School

I remember how jarring “The Eye of the Storm” was when I first saw it. I was introduced to Frontline’s rebroadcast and updated version of the 1970 documentary while I was a student at Tufts University. “The Eye of the Storm” is the story of Jane Elliot’s “brown-eyed/blue eyed” exercise. Elliot was an elementary school teacher in rural Iowa. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, she decided to tackle racism with her third grade class in an unusual way.

From the PA Co-Chairs

January was a busy month at Nobles, with the Cotting School basketball game, winter concerts, and the MLK Jr. Day of Service. There is no rest for the weary in February! 

Things will be just as busy, with exciting sports contests; many PA activities, the Middle School play, Feb. 12-13; Upper School play, Feb 19-22; the long Presidents' weekend, Feb 15-18; and the winter chamber music concert, Feb 27.


Class Notes

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Class II Dean's Report


Foster Gallery Exhibition by Photojournalist Ted Jackson

We are excited to bring photojournalist Ted Jackson to Nobles for an exhibition at Foster Gallery.

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Nobles Theatre Collective

Parents, are you looking for an opportunity to bring the family together for a night of laughs? The Nobles Theatre Collective will be presenting Michael Fryan's Noises Off

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